Getting the relevant contact information about new team members as soon as they are added to the team is vital for a manager. It can be embarrassing for a manager if they are unaware of their new employee’s work email or employee ID. It can be even more so if they have to ask for it from the employee him/herself. A new manager should receive all the relevant details to be sure that their new team member’s Google Workplace Account has been made ready. This can be executed by sending an email with the new hire’s contact information to the manager.

Consider the number of employees hired on a regular basis, especially in a growing company. Having to locate the contact information of each manager and sending them a new email every time someone new is hired to their organizational unit can be cumbersome. And Google Workspace admins do not have an option to automate this task in the Google Admin Console yet.

As you add new users to your domain, Foresight can automate sending their information to their managers, saving you a significant amount of time and increasing productivity.

Video Demo

This video demo illustrates a simple example case. Suppose you are setting up a new user’s profile in your Admin Console and want his or her manager to get their relevant details like work email, work phone, and employee ID. You can automate sending a personalized onboarding email to the respective manager.


Rule Setup

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to set up your own rule for automated onboarding emails to managers.

  1. Sign into Foresight.
  2. Go to Rules.
  3. Click the + button to create a new rule.
  4. In the Select a trigger page, select the User created trigger to initiate your sequence.
    User created trigger in Foresight
  5. In the Edit trigger page, Sign in with Google
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Select an action page, select the Wait action.
    Wait action in Foresight
  8. In the Edit actions page,
    1. Change the Wait time to 300 seconds.
    2. Click ADD NEXT ACTION.
  9. In the Select an action page, select the Get user info action.
    Get user info action in Foresight
  10. In the Edit actions page,
    1. Sign in with Google
    2. In the Primary email field, type {{ to drop down the variable menu and select the Primary Email variable. The variable is displayed as {{ primaryEmail_xxxxxxbd0aa8 }}, where xxxxxx is a random text.
    3. Click ADD NEXT ACTION.
  11. In the Select an action page, select the Email action.
    Email action in Foresight
  12. In the Edit actions page,
    1. Sign in with Google
    2. In the To field, type {{ to drop down the variable menu and select the Manager Email variable.
    3. In the Subject field, type your preferred subject line that the email will go out with. It could be "New Team Member" + User First Name + User Last Name.
    4. To add the new user’s first and last names into the subject field, type {{ and select the drop-down variables First Name and Last Name, respectively.
    5. In the Email body field, type the template text you want to send to the manager.
  13. When you are finished with the email formatting, click Review.
  14. In the Review page, name the new rule.
  15. Click Create.
  16. Your rule's workflow looks like this.
    Onboarding email to manager workflow from Foresight

Rule Test

To test your rule, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Google Admin Console > Users.
  2. Select the Add new user option.
  3. In the User Information page,
    1. Type sample entries in the First Name, Last Name, and Primary email fields.
    2. Click on the Manage user's password, organizational unit, and profile photo option if you want to edit any of those fields.
  4. Click ADD NEW USER.
  5. Click DONE.
  6. Go to the new user's page.
  7. Select User information.
  8. In the User information page,
    1. Go to the Employee information tab.
    2. Fill in the Manager's email field.
    3. Fill in other fields necessary to be filled as in the email template in your rule.
  9. Click SAVE.
  10. Go back to Foresight.
  11. Click on the New Notifications bell icon.
  12. Select the VIEW LOG option in the notification.
  13. The log tells you the total number of actions used, how many were successful, and how many failed.
  14. Go to the manager's email inbox and check if the auto generated email was received as intended.
    Foresight rule log for onboarding email to manager workflow


  1. We add a 5-minute Wait action between the creation of a user and sending the email to the manager to account for the time it takes to add the user's manager's email address after creating a new profile.
  2. You can also choose to send the onboarding email to yourself or to any other user in the system by inputting your/ their email from in the cc and bcc fields when editing the Email action.
  3. You can include other variables in the email body as well such as the new user's work phone and employee ID. You can do this by typing {{ in the email body where you want the relevant data to appear and select your preferred variable from the drop down menu.