In this blog post, we will learn how to auto-hide a suspended user from directory sharing. An admin can suspend a Google Workspace user temporarily for his organization’s safety. Also, they can hide the suspended user from the directory so that any active user can’t send or receive any email from them. Foresight lets them do this task very efficiently within a few seconds. Here you will learn how to do this with some simple steps with the help of Foresight.

Why is it essential to auto-hide the suspended user from directory sharing?

It’s essential because –

  1. Many organizations don’t delete a user. Instead, they suspended and hide the user from the directory sharing as per their requirements. It protects the organizational data from any kind of unauthorized activity.
  2. By hiding a user, other users can’t make the mistake of sending an email accidentally to the hidden users’ accounts, because the hidden user's email address does not appear in Gmail or Calendar autocomplete.

How to perform Auto-Hide a suspended user from directory sharing in Google Workspace with Foresight?

Foresight is a no-code platform for Google Workplace workflow automation. That means you can obtain the benefits of Google Workspace with some automated workflows. The automation makes your tasks simple and hassle-free. In this way, a user can streamline business processes and increase productivity.

You can perform the auto-hide suspended user from directory sharing from the admin console. But by using Foresight you create an automation rule for hiding the suspended users from the directory. That means you don’t need to manually turn off the directory sharing of the suspended user from the admin console. This is the advantage of using Foresight.

Demo video

From this video demo, you will learn about the auto-hiding of suspended users from directory sharing with the help of Foresight.


Rule Setup

  1. Sign in to Foresight using your Google Admin account. Go to the Rules page and click the New Rule New rule button button.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  2.   Then select the User suspended trigger.xfanatical
  3.  Next, you need to permit Foresight. You will see the Access granted status after a successful authorization.
  4. Next you will find a Primary email field. But this is optional. You can give input if you want to watch a specific user be suspended. We will leave that empty. And then click Next.xfanatical
  5. Select Update user directory sharing action from all the available actions.xfanatical
  6.  Next, select the primary email in the Primary email field and false in the Share user in the directory field. By selecting false you can hide the suspended user’s information from the directory. Click Review.xfanatical
  7.  Give a Rule name (Auto hide suspended users from the directory) and click create. The rule has been created now.xfanatical

Rule Triggering:

As you can see the rule is created.


Now let's trigger the rule from the Google Admin console. So go to Menu > Directory > Users. Then choose a user and go to More options > Suspend user > Suspend and suspend the user to trigger the rule.


Verifying Results

  1.  You can see the result on the Logs page. You will find the rule has been executed successfully.xfanatical
  2. Now click on the user’s name that we have suspended. You will find the Directory sharing turned off. That means the suspended user is automatically hidden by Foresight’s automated rule.xfanatical


Now you have learned how Foresight automates the activity of hiding suspended users from the directory. This task becomes so easy with the aid of Foresight. If you learn more about Foresight you should explore this SaaS platform. So try a 14-day free trial with Foresight. Also, you can learn other relevant topics like - Automatically Suspend Inactive Users in Google Workspace, Hiding a user from the Directory, Suspending a user temporarily, etc.