In this article, we will learn about how to hide google group from global address list. The Google Admin needs to handle an issue they frequently come across, that is how to hide Google Group from the global address list. But why do we need to hide Google Groups? It is important from the security perspective to keep the unwanted members or any miscreants away and block them from any future access. By hiding Google Group, one can hide the group email from the autocomplete option of Gmail and Calendar. In this way, the unwanted people cannot find the details of the group in Gmail Recipient autocomplete.

Note: The hiding group does not hide the members' emails from Gmail recipient autocomplete.

Why is this problem caused?

One missing setting in the Google Group Settings is the Include in Global Address List. However, this setting is present in the Google Group Settings API.

What is the Global Address list?

A Global Address List is a shared address book that is available on a digital medium or services that are used on Google Workspace and the online Microsoft Office Suite. These apps usually contain the contact details of all the people in a specific organization. This address book can be accessed over a computer network electronically by using LDAP protocol or CardDAV protocol. The Global Address List is usually a read-only feature for all the users except the administrators, who can add details or update the items if they want to.

Does "Who can see group" or "Who can join group" how to hide Google group from global address list

Don't confuse Global Address List with the groups' settings called, Who can see the group and who can join group, read about these settings here change the group's visibility or set who can join your group. These settings have no effect in Global Address List, group addresses still appear as suggestions when typing addresses in Gmail or Calendar invitations

How Foresight hides Google groups from the global address list

Since this facility is not available in either Google Admin Console or Google Groups Dashboard, we require Foresight to solve the problem easily and effectively. We shall be using the Data uploaded => Update group settings rule. All we require is 1 column, Group email, for the CSV file. In the Update group settings rule, set the Include in Global Address List to false.

Demo Video

Rule creation

  1. Log in to your Foresight account using your Google Admin account. After that, on the Rules page, click on the New Rule New rule button button.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  2. Click on the Data uploaded trigger. Upload the CSV by clicking on the icon. After the CSV has been parsed, click on Next.How to hide Google group from global address list
  3. After that you need to choose the action. Click on Update group settings action.How to hide Google group from global address list
  4. Permit the Foresight account to access your Google Admin account. You should be able to see the Access Granted sign.How to hide Google group from global address list
  5. Then in the Group email field, select the Group email from the drop-down menu.How to hide Google group from global address list
  6. Leave all the other settings. You need to only select Include in Global Address List. Set the setting to false. Then click on Review.How to hide Google group from global address list
  7. Enter the Rule name as Hide Google Groups in the Global Address List. Then click on Create.How to hide Google group from global address list   

Triggering the Rule

  1. You have seen that the rule has been created. Now click on the Upload icon on the rule and upload the same CSV file again. Give some time to trigger the rule.How to hide Google group from global address list

Verifying the Rule

  1. Click on Notifications and then you need to click on View log. After that, you will be redirected to the Logs page.  How to hide Google group from global address list
  2. Now access your Gmail account. Try to compose a mail and type a group email, in our case “[email protected]”. You will notice in the screenshot below, that the group email appears in autocomplete before the rule application, but not after applying rule.How to hide Google group from global address list
  3. Repeat the same on Calendar. You will see the “[email protected]”. group email does not appear there too.How to hide Google group from global address list

It might take 24 hours to activate the new settings. 

Wrap Up

Foresight also helps in modifying other group settings. You can bulk update Google Group settings, bulk rename Google Groups and bulk delete Google Groups 

However, if you want to see its complete functionality, you can avail the free 14-day trial before purchasing this wonderful Google Workspace productivity software.

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