In this article, we will learn about how to bulk update employees information in Google Workspace. There are occasions managers need to bulk update employees information in Google Workspace. It is an extremely cumbersome job and can be highly time-consuming if done manually, one by one. Although Google Admin can update bulk employees, by using Bulk update user options. But Foresight is an easy-to-use drag-drop tool that gives extra automation. For example, using Foresight, IT Admin can update the employees' information and notify the Manager of these employees at the same time. While this is manual and time-consuming using Google Admin Console. So it is sensible to use an automation tool that can help to ease the burden and make the task convenient. 

How to bulk update employees information in Google Workspace using Foresight

In this regard, Foresight is a great tool that helps to bulk upload all the user information fast and without any coding. Moreover, it has a lot of other features as well. In this demonstration, we will be showing the procedure with the help of 10 employees. The information that will be contained in this CSV sheet is as follows:

  • Employee job title – The designation on which the employee is working. 
  • Employee type – This detail tells whether they are in full-time or part-time employment.
  • Employee’s manager – The email of the manager who is supervising the particular employee.
  • Employee ID – The ID of that employee. 
  • Employee floor name – The floor on which that particular employee is working.
  • Employee floor section – This specifies the section on the particular floor the employee is stationed.
  • Employee building ID – If the employee has any building ID.

With the help of Foresight, we will be able to bulk update users' Google Admin workspace.

Watch demo video how bulk update employees information in Google Workspace 

In this video, learn how to bulk update employee information in Google Workspace with Foresight. Foresight is a SaaS platform to help businesses streamline and automate Google Workspace workflows without learning to code. It empowers administrators and users to design complex business workflows that cannot be done with native Google cloud services and work smarter.


First, we will be preparing a list on Google Sheets with updated information on 10 employees. We will then be downloading this Google Spreadsheet as a CSV file. Read this post on how to export all acitve users list in Google Workspace. With the help of Foresight, you can:

  • Bulk update Employee job type
  • Bulk update employee type
  • Bulk update employee manager
  • Bulk update employee Id
  • Bulk update employee floor name
  • Bulk update employee floor section
  • Bulk update employee build-id

Now let us proceed with the rule creation in Foresight:

  1. Log in to Foresight with your Google Admin account. After that, go to the Rule Page and then click the New Rule New rule button button.
  2. Select the trigger Data Uploaded and upload the updated CSV file. Then wait for this file to be parsed. Then click Next.
  3. Select the action Update Employee Information.
  4. You need to give approvals to Foresight in Google Workspace by clicking on the Sign in with Google button, after this, the Access granted label will appear. You need to select the respective values for the respective fields that you see in the screenshot and demo video. Select the all relevant values form the dropdown menu and v icon. After selecting all the values, you need to click on Review.
  5. Enter the Rule Name and then click on Create.

You can now see that the rule has been created. We will now be heading towards the next step where we will be triggering the rule.

Rule Triggering

Now, click on the Upload Icon and then upload the same CSV file again. The process will take a few seconds.

Now we shall proceed to verify the results.

Rule Verification

  1. A notification shall appear in the top right-hand corner. Click on it and then click on View Log or Show All. You can also go to the Logs page from the left sidebar. The Logs show the successful triggering of the rule. You can see the 10 records for each employee.
  2. Now go to the Google Admin Console and filter the user by any of the information. In this case, we are using the First Name to do so. You can see the employee information has been updated here.
  3. We can see that all the information has been updated here as well. 


With the help of Foresight, you can bulk update employee information in Google Workspace. If you had used a Google Admin account, then you would have been able to update the information of only a few hundred employees at a time. Using Foresight, the number could be in a few thousand. That takes the burden off your back. By using Foresight, we can also Export Users from Google Workspace using Foresight and Bulk Update Chrome Device Custom Fields. With Foresight, you can save time by designing and automating your workflows on Google Workspace business processes and helping them to grow faster.

Try a 14-day free trial with Foresight and manage your tasks. 

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