In this article we aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to export all suspended users in Google Workspace. The management of user accounts in Google Workspace is a crucial aspect of maintaining a well-organized and secure digital environment.

However, there may be instances where certain user accounts become suspended for various reasons, such as security concerns or inactive usage. In such cases, it becomes necessary for administrators to efficiently handle and export all suspended users in Google Workspace.

Why do you need to Export Suspended Users in Google Workspace?

As we have mentioned, you might need to suspend an employee's google account temporarily or permanently. To save up the costs, the Google workspace accounts need to be suspended as well and it also helps to prevent any leakage of important business information. Organizations, especially the HR department, must keep track of the employees who are leaving (or whose accounts are getting suspended) for operational purposes.

As a result, the company suspends the Google Workspace account in order to reduce expenditures and improve operational efficiency. Although retrieving account information manually is a tedious task, automating it can be more efficient.

Benefits of Exporting All Suspended Users in Google Workspace

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Exporting all suspended user accounts in Google Workspace allows administrators to maintain a comprehensive record of all user activities and data. T
  • Simplified User Management: Exporting suspended user accounts provides administrators with a streamlined approach to user management. By exporting the suspended accounts, administrators can easily review and analyze the reasons behind the suspensions.
  • Efficient Audit Trail: Exporting suspended user accounts creates a detailed audit trail of all actions performed on these accounts. This comprehensive record helps administrators to track and monitor any changes made to the suspended accounts, providing transparency and accountability.

How to Export Suspended Google Workspace accounts through automation?

The xFanatical Foresight Automation tool simplifies the process of managing suspended users in Google Workspace. The tool simplifies the process of exporting all suspended users by providing an efficient and seamless approach. Foresight's advanced features and user-friendly interface make exporting suspended users' data easy, ensuring a smooth transition and comprehensive data management.

As a result of automating this process, Foresight allows administrators to focus on other crucial aspects of Google Workspace user management.

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Instructions for setting up the Foresight Automation Process

Here is a detailed guide explaining the Foresight rule setup process –

  1. Log in to your Foresight account with your Google Admin account.
  2. Go to the Rules page and click the New Rule button.
  3. Select the Manual Trigger action from the select a trigger screen.Select Manual trigger
  4. On the Select an action screen, click the List users action.Select List Users action
  5. First, you need to grant Foresight permission if you see Sign in with Google or Access expired.
  6. Add User Email, First Name, Last Name, and Is Suspended columns in the Columns field.Add User Email, First Name, Last Name, and Is Suspended columns in the Columns field
  7. In the User suspended field, select true.In the User suspended field, select true
  8. Click Add next action, and select the Upload data to Drive action.Select Upload data to drive action
  9. Then, select the Users CSV Download Link in the CSV file URL field. Also, select the Google Drive folder path in the Google Drive folder field. Your CSV file will be exported here.Edit Upload data to drive action
  10. Click Add next action.
  11. On the Select an action screen, click the Email action.Select an Email action
  12. Add email ID in the To field and create a subject line for the email.In a edit screen of Email action Add To reciepent and Add a subject line
  13. Create an email body. Click Add variable (v) to add the Users CSV Download Link. Click Review.Create an email body. Click Add variable (v) to add the Users CSV Download Link. Click Review
  14. Enter a Rule Name, and click Create.Give a Rule Name

Rule Trigger

To trigger the rule, click the play button in the rule interface.Click Rule Play button

Verifying the Result

  1. From the Logs page, you will see that the rule has been executed successfully. Download the CSV from the here link. We have created a list of 30 suspended users.Suspended rule verification


  • Check the CSV file uploaded to Google Drive. 
  • You can also get the CSV file by clicking the email link.


xFanatical Foresight Automation tool provides a useful solution for exporting all suspended users in Google Workspace. With Foresight's automation tool, administrators can streamline their workflow and enhance their foresight when managing suspended users. This exported file can be used for auditing purposes, record-keeping, or any other requirement that may arise within your organization. Take advantage of this feature in Google Workspace to maintain a well-organized and efficient user management system.

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily filter and export a CSV file containing the necessary information about your suspended users using Foresight Automation Tool.

Now, try to perform this automation action with Foresight.

Initially, you can choose the 14-day free trial and later upgrade it.

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