Organizations today provide their employees with a Google Workspace account to streamline the whole process. However, as the workspace administrator, you can choose to suspend a google account in case an employee leaves the organization or is in violation of the firm's communication policies. Now, there are times when an organization needs to export a list of suspended users in Google Workspace. Managers, especially from the HR department, need such lists to know how many employees have been suspended for a given month or for any specified duration. This is one of the important operations in a professional organization.

Why do you need to export Google admin suspend user accounts?

As we have mentioned, you might need to suspend an employee's google account temporarily or permanently. To save up the costs, the Google workspace accounts need to be suspended as well and it also helps to prevent any leakage of important business information. Organizations, especially the HR department, must keep track of the employees who are leaving (or whose accounts are getting suspended) for operational purposes.

So, in a nutshell, the company suspends the Google Workspace account to save expenditure and increase operational efficiency. However, while retrieving the account details, doing it manually is a tedious process; rather, automating it can be an easier alternative.

How to export suspended Google Workspace accounts through automation?

Now, exporting these suspended users' accounts individually takes time and slows down the whole operations of a company. This is where Foresight comes into play. It enables the Google admins to export the suspended accounts without any hassle once you set up the process.

Following is a video demo and a detailed guide on the same to help you complete this process.

Video Demo 

Check out the video to learn how to find suspended users list admin Google and automate the whole process by using Foresight.

Instructions for setting up the Foresight automation process

Here is a detailed guide explaining the Foresight rule setup process –

  1. First, log in to Foresight using your Google Workspace Account.
  2. Go to the Rules Page and click on the Rule Foresight Automation 2-2.png+ Button.
  3. Select Manual Trigger. This trigger starts manually by clicking on the rule card.
  4. Select List Users actions from all the available actions.
  5. Now in this step, we will be changing multiple settings. So we will be dividing it into sub-steps.
    1. First, you need to grant Foresight permission if you see Sign in with Google or Access expired.
    2. The next field is columns. These are the columns that need to be exported. You can add whatever columns you like Email, First Name, and Last Name.
    3. The next two fields are related to sorting. You can export the users by sorting them by the email field as you can see in the screenshot.
    4. You can also arrange them in ascending and descending order. In this case, given here, we will select Email and Ascending.
    5. In the next field, you can choose false in the “Deleted Users” field.
    6. There is a Help icon on the right side of every field. In case you have any confusion regarding the fields, it will help you to gain information about these fields.
    7. The next field is the Organizational Unit which we will leave empty.
    8. After that, we have the field of Direct Manager Email. The purpose of this field is to export users of a particular manager who requires the list. We will leave this field too.
    9. Then we have the field of User Suspended. It is by far the most important step because here we will define whether we want to export the list of active users or suspended users. You have to select True to export the suspended users.
    10. The last two fields are for 2-factor authentication. We have to leave them empty.
  6. Click on the Add Next action.
  7. Select the Email action.
  8. Enter the Email where you want to send their data. Enter the Subject and also fill in the email body. Also, enter the CSV file link. For that, you need to type the opening double curly brackets and select the “User CSV Download link”.
  9. Click Review.
  10. Enter the Name of the Rule and click on Create.
  11. As you can see the rule is created. Click on the Play button to trigger the rule manually. 

Verifying the results

  1. After you have triggered this rule, you can see the output in the link from the log, and you can download the CSV file of the Google suspended account from there.
  2. Also, the manager receives an email with the CSV link attached.
  3. And you can also see the CSV file in Google sheet format.

Parting thoughts

To sum up, hopefully, this write-up has given a brief idea of how our product, Foresight, can make a tangible difference in your workflow without any major complications. So, you can now take out a list of all suspended users only without any hassle. You can revisit the blog section for more informative posts.