In this blog article you can know all about how to bulk delete users from the organization at the same time. As an IT admin, sometimes you may need to delete more than a hundred users at a time. The process becomes time-consuming and repetitive when you delete a single user in Google Workspace at a time. Also, there is no process in the Google Admin Console for deleting multiple users simultaneously. So, Foresight introduces this feature for you to save more time for the users’ data management.

Let’s understand how Foresight processed the bulk removal of users from organizations in the Google Workspace.

Delete users from an organization at the same time with Google Admin Console

At present, there is no process to bulk delete users from the organization in Admin Console. But you can remove users in batches. The process is –

  1. Go to the Admin Console > Users.
  2. Select the checkbox of the users you want to delete from the OU.
  3. Then, click More options > Delete selected users.

For additional information, click on this link.

Why do you need to bulk delete users from the organization at the same time?

When you delete an individual user’s Google account, it will take a long time. So, it becomes irritating and confusing at times. But if you delete multiple (bulk) users’ accounts at the same time, that will save a lot of time and effort. Thus, it will –

  • Reduce the chances of un-efficient management of the users’ data.
  • Enhance organizational data security.
  • Save your resources.

How Foresight automates the bulk delete users from OU in Google Workspace at the same time?

With Foresight, you can now automate your regular business workflows in the cloud platforms like Google Workspace. It handles complex workflow structures without wasting too much time and effort. Foresight simplifies these work procedures with its no-code automation culture. So, this cloud-based productivity tool streamlines your business and reduces time, and cost. In this way, it improves productivity. Both the Google Workspace Admin and users facilitated from the robust automated solutions of Foresight. Hence, it increases their efficiency.

Currently, the Google Admin Console doesn’t have any feature to remove users from the organization at the same time. Foresight implemented this feature for the Admin. So, this is an edge Foresight has over the Admin Console.

Demo video

From this video demo, you will learn about how to bulk delete users from the organization at the same time with the help of Foresight.


Rule Creation

  1. First, prepare a list of users for uploading your data on Foresight. There is a single column in the sheet- Email. These are the emails of the users we want to delete from the OU. Download the sheet in CSV (comma-separated value) format. Please note, for the demo purpose we have only taken 9 users. In real cases, we can handle more than a thousand users at a time.
  2. Sign in to Foresight with the help of a Google Admin account. Go to the Rules page and click on the New Rule (+) button.
  3. Then select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the CSV file. Wait for the file to be parsed. Then, click on Next.

4. Now select the Delete user action.

5. In this step, you need to grant permission for Foresight through the Google Workspace account. Once you have done it successfully, the status will be changed to Access granted.

6. Select Email in the Primary email field. After that, click Review.7. Enter the Rule name (Bulk Delete users for organizations at the same time) and click on Create. You will see the rule has been created. 

Rule Triggering

Click on the upload icon and upload the same CSV file again. This process will take a few seconds.

Verifying Results

Notification will come in the top-right corner of the Rules page. You can see the rule has been executed successfully. Also, you can find it on the Logs page. It shows that the rule has been triggered, and you have successfully deleted all the users.

Then verify the results from the Admin Console. Search the email of the first user, [email protected]. You will see the status - ‘No users match your current selection’.


From this blog post, you learned to bulk remove users from the organization with the help of Foresight. It’s a robust automation tool that boosts your business productivity and manages redundant tasks. Now, you can explore and learn more automated tasks with Foresight. 

So, try a 14-day free trial with Foresight and simplify your tasks. You can read more topics related to this one like Bulk Delete Users Email Aliases From Google Workspace, Bulk Remove Members From Google Group, etc.