In this blog, you will learn how to bulk adding new users in Google workspace using Foresight. IT Admins often need to manage multiple users simultaneously for their regular OU operations. A common example of handling multiple users is to share files with them. But, if the admins start sharing these files one after another, this will become a time-consuming process, apart from being repetitive and overwhelming. Thus, bulk adding new users using Google Sheets helps in streamline these types of repetitive workflows. Moreover, Foresight assists you in automating the creation of new users in bulk to eliminate your regular manual workflows.

Benefits of bulk adding new users in Google workspace using Foresight

  • It saves time.
  • Enables you to better utilize your resources.
  • Saves cost as well, leading to more revenue.
  • Increases productivity.

How to adding new users in Google workspace using Foresight

Foresight is a unique platform that automates your regular Google Workspace business operations efficiently. Without writing any code, you can tackle your manual, recurring tasks. This flexible and scalable platform helps the Google Admin and users manage their workflows without too much hassle. As a result, it improves your business growth and productivity without wasting too much time and resources. 

Video Demo

In this demo video, you will learn to add new users in Google workspace, using Foresight and Sheets.


Here, we need to create two rules to complete this task.

  • Rule 1: Listing users - Shows the CSV with the new users their email IDs and other data.
  • Rule 2: The second rule creates bulk user accounts simultaneously.

Rule Creation

  1. Sign in to your Foresight account and go to the New Rules (+) page. 
  2. Select the Manual Trigger.Rule Creation
  3. Select the List users action.List users
  4. Then you need to specify the columns, such as - Org Unit Path, Email Aliases, and Secondary Work Email. Leave the rest of the things as default.Email Aliases
  5. After that, give a Rule Name ( Rule1: Users Details) and click Create.Rule Name
  6. Then trigger your rule. You will get notifications about this creation of Rule 1. Also, you can verify the same result from the Logs page.Rule Name 
Rule Name

7. Download the CSV file from the here link.CSV file

8. Now, start creating your second rule. Here, we have created new accounts for 10 users. In real cases, you can create accounts for up to a thousand users. So, click on the New Rule (+) button.

9. Select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the CSV file. Click Next.Data uploaded

10. Select Generate password action.Generate password

11. Click Add Next Action. Select the Create user action.Create user

12. Select, the First name, Last name, Primary email, Generate password, and Organizational Unit Path.Organizational Unit Path

13. Click on Add Next Action and select the Email action.Secondary Work Email

14. Then, you have to select the Secondary Work Email in the To field. Give a subject, such as New User Account Details in the Subject field.Secondary Work Email 

15. Next, add an email body. Press the v icon to enter some variables like - First Name, Last Name, Email, Generate Password, Email Aliases, and Org Unit Path. Click Review.New rule

16. Give a Rule Name (Bulk account Creation). Click Create.Rule Name

Rule Trigger

To trigger the rule export the same CSV file. You will get some notification after the successful rule trigger. 

Verifying Results

  1. You can verify the results from the Logs page.Rule Trigger
  2. Also, verify the results from your secondary work email. secondary work


So, this is all about how to how to Bulk adding new users in Google workspace using Foresight. It saves a lot of your time and boosts your productivity. So, learn about Foresight and explore its use cases. Try a 14-day free trial and improve your business ROI. you can learn more topics related to this one - Create Google Workspace Users By Schedule, etc.