In this article, we will learn about bulk data transfer between users in Google Workspace is a significant activity for Google Workspace Admin. It protects your valuable data from any loss, breaches, and security threats. So you need to take precautions and take a backup of your data in a safe place. Thus you need to transfer data between Google accounts regularly. Google Takeout gives default transfer permission for the users to transfer Drive files and Gmail messages within another Google account. In the case of organizations, there is a huge chance of data loss and unauthorized data transfer by ex-employees. According to a survey by IS Decision, many employees have access to their previous organization’s data although they left their job. Thus IT managers and admins prefer to transfer the data from the ex-users to the active users in the Google Workspace. 

But these are complex procedures. The Foresight automation tool provides a user-friendly process to imply this action in the Google workspace. We will discuss it in this topic.

How can bulk data transfer between users help?

When an employee leaves an organization, there will be a chance to lose that employee's data. So there would be a risk of organizational data loss and vulnerable activities. Thus an IT admin backup the data with transfer data between Google accounts. The Admin can do it by changing the settings and then deleting that employee from the Google Admin Console. In this way, he can transfer all kinds of files, sheets, documents, and calendar events of ex-employees to the new employees’ Google Workspace applications.

Also, Admins can transfer users’ email data to another Google Workspace user to avoid valuable data loss. They can do it either using Google Workspace data migration service or redirecting the previous user’s email to another user. The redirecting of emails needs address mapping between the ex-user and the current user. In this way, the organizations manage and restore valuable emails. Thus you need to do bulk data transfer between users.

Google admin console does have the option to migrate data between user accounts. Read more about the option in this Google Workspace Admin help.

Bulk data transfer between users with foresight

Foresight is a SaaS platform that aids companies in managing and streamlining their Google Workspace workflows by introducing automation. Moreover, it does not require you to learn to code. It permits administrators to create complex business workflows that are not possible with Google Workspace.

You can complete the task of data transfer between users by using Foresight. Though Google Admin Console has the features to do this Foresight has some extra options. For instance, it allows the IT Admin to notify the new users with an email message about the data transfer from the ex-users/employees. So, it can do this exercise more efficiently within a few times. Moreover, it has a lot of other features.

Video demo

From this demo video, you can learn about the process of bulk data transfer between users with the aid of Foresight.


Rule Creation

First, you need to export the list of users in a CSV format. Here we have the email list of 10 users in Google Sheets. It has two columns – From email (these are the emails of former employees) and To email (emails of new employees). Please note that we have only taken 10 users for the demo purpose but in reality, it can manage thousands of users at the same time. Now, download the Google Sheet as CSV.

Let’s take two test users. Ms. Laura is a former employee and Mr. Dolemicky is a new employee in the accounts department. We have to transfer some files from Ms. Laura’s Drive account to the new employee’s account.

  1. Log in to Foresight with the Google Admin account. Go to the Rules page and click on the new rule New rule button button at the bottom-right corner.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  2. Select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the CSV file with updated info. Wait for the file to be parsed and click on Next.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  3. Select the Create data transfer request action.
  4. Then you need to grant permission for Foresight in the Google Workspace account. After the permission grants then you will see the Access granted status. Now, select Email Form in the From user field and select Email To in the To user field.
  5. Now, you have to select options for the Data to transfer field. Choose different options like- Drive and Docs, Calendar, Brand Accounts, and Data Studio.
  6. Then you have to notify new employees about the data transfer. So scroll up and select the Add Next Option.
  7. Select the Email action. In the To, field selects the To email variable. Then enter the subject, and message body, and click on Review.
  8. Then enter the Rule nameBulk data transferred between Former and New Employees (Account Dept.). Then click on Create.
  9. Now you can see the rule has been created.

Rule Trigger

  1. Click on the upload icon and click on the same CSV file again. This process will take a few seconds to complete.

Verifying Results

  1. Some notifications will appear in the top-right corner. Click on the notification icon and then click on View all to see the results. Also, you can see the results from the Logs page. The logs show the rule is successfully triggered. All the former users’ data was transferred to the new users’ accounts.
  2. Now examine the users’ accounts. So, log in to the new employee’s account. You will see that all the files have been transferred to the new employee’s account from the ex-employees account. Additionally, the new employee also received an email about the data transfer.
Former Employee Account - Google Drive
New Employee Account - Google Drive
New Employee Account - Google Drive

Wrap up

Hopefully, this write-up has helped you to learn about the data transfer between users in Google Workspace and its importance in our day-to-day life. Google has several products and services like Google Workspace data migration. But you can finish this act more efficiently with the Foresight automation tool. So go and explore the features of Foresight. Also, read how to transfer data between Google workspace account, let graduating students transfer data, and migrate email with the data migration service.

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