In this blog post, we will learn how to bulk move users to an organizational unit in Google Workspace. For a particular organization unit in Google Workspace, users lying in that particular organization (OU) have the same set of rules and policies. It means all those users can access the same set of apps and services. Also, every user account has the same configuration. But, there are times when you have to move a user to another OU, and he/she needs access to different kinds of Google Apps services. Thus you need to bulk-move users to OUs in Google Workspace. So, the bulk moving users need different settings for the account. Let us take an example. A sales OU provides users with the same types of apps and settings. Suppose an employee from the sales unit moves to the human resource unit; then you need to move the employee to the HR OU in Google Workspace. It will allow the employee to obtain the services for IT support that is specific to the HR dept.

 In this article, we will elaborate on how Foresight helps in this scenario.

Why do you need it?

In simple words, we can say that moving users to an OU is a technique to deploy several enterprise policies. So, let us discuss the reasons to move users to an organizational unit deeply.

  • Bulk move users to OUs in Google workspace implies the specific tasks or actions for the users’ Google account. If the admin enables an app within an OU, then all the users will be able to access the app within that OU. For instance, there is a student’s OU in a school environment. Students of Grade 3 have access to different drive resources and classrooms than students of Grade 4.
  • Users gain a high level of security within an OU. Only specific users can access specific apps, data, and sensitive data to do their work.
  • The admin can turn on or off the Google services for particular users or groups of users. Also, they can change service settings for the users as per their requirements.
  • Users from different locations get the other services, and they require distinct settings.

Thus bulk moving users become an essential procedure in Google Workspace.

Bulk move users to an organizational unit in Google Workspace with Foresight

Foresight is a Google workspace automation tool. It helps the admin and users to handle tasks efficiently with speed and no coding. Though the Google admin console moves 50 users to OU simultaneously, Foresight can move more than 50 users. Thus it becomes time-saving for the users. Also, it indicates high productivity.

Video Demo

From this demo video, you will learn about the bulk move users to OUs in Google Workspace with the help of Foresight.


Rule Creation

Digital marketing
Users to move to Marketing/Digital Marketing OU

Here we are taking a simple scenario. There are 50 users in the Google Admin Console who are within the Marketing intern's organizational unit. Now they have completed the internship. So, we will move them to the Digital Marketing organizational unit. We need to export the file as  CSV. Please note for this demo purpose, we are taking only 50 users. But in real situations, we can handle thousands of users. You need to download the Google Sheet in CSV format.

  1. Sign in to the Foresight account with the Google Admin Console. Go to the Rules page and click on the new rule New rule button button in the bottom-right corner.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  2. Select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the exported CSV file.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  3. After parsing the CSV you can see the columns of the CSV. Now click on Next.Move user to marketing
  4. Then select Move users to Organizational unit action.Move users to Organizational unit action
  5. Now, you need to grant permission for Foresight in Google Workspace. Whenever the permission becomes granted, you will see the Access granted status.Grant permission for Foresight in Google Workspace
  6. Select Email in the User primary email field and select Marketing/Digital Marketing in the Organizational unit field. Click on the Review.User primary email field and select Marketing/Digital Marketing
  7. Enter the Rule name (Move User to Marketing/Digital Marketing OU). Then click on Create.update rule name

You can see the rule has been created.

Rule triggering

  1. Now click on the upload icon and upload the same CSV file once again. Wait for the rule to be triggered. It may take a few seconds.bulk block mobile devices in google workspace

Verifying Results

The rule will run after getting the trigger. Some notifications will appear in the top-right corner. 

  1. Click on the notification icon and click on the Show All option to see the results. Also, you can see the results from the Logs page. You can find the rule has run successfully.Verifying Results
  2. Again you can verify the results from the Google Admin Console. You will see the Marketing Interns have moved to the Digital Marketing OU.Digital Marketing OU

Final words

It is essential to know how to move users to an organizational unit and what it means to streamline the operations of an organization. Having said that, this is not an uncomplicated process, but you can streamline it by using Foresight, one of the leading automation tools for Google Workspace.If you have enjoyed reading this blog and found it helpful, then you also take a look at other write-ups like, Move all users from one OU to another.