In this blog post, we will learn how to bulk add Calendar Resource Features in Google Workspace. As an IT admin, you can add Google Calendar Resources on the Admin Console. A meeting room is a good example of a resource here. When the users book this room they must need some additional setups or equipment like- audio, video, sitting arrangements, projectors, telephones, etc. These are a part of the resource list for that particular room. So you can say that the additional setups are the features of your resources. These are called Resource Features.

The users can search and add features on the Google calendar resources using Google Admin Console.  Here, we will learn to bulk-add calendar resource features with the help of Foresight.

Bulk Add Calendar Resource Features Benefits

The admin can add resource features on the Google Calendar to inform the users about their presence. Suppose, a room has the features like - a whiteboard, video conferencing equipment, wheelchairs, etc, then users can find them by searching. Also, they can add features for a resource on the calendar as per the requirement.

Bulk Add Calendar Resource Features with Foresight

Foresight, the SaaS platform helps businesses streamline and automate Google Workspace workflows with a no-coding aspect. It helps administrators and users to design complex business workflows flawlessly. In this way, it can overcome the limitations of native Google Cloud services. So, it reduces the daunting repetitive tasks and helps to work smarter.

The Admin Console allows adding features for the Google calendar resources. But here you have to add the features one by one. Whereas, Foresight lets you do this task simultaneously. This means you can add multiple features for the calendar resources at once, with the help of Foresight. This is the edge of Foresight over the Admin console.

Video Demo

From this demo video, you can learn about the Bulk Add calendar resource features using Foresight.


We will divide our steps into two Rules.

  • Rule 1 - Export Features List: we will export the features list.
  • Rule 2 - Creating New Features: We will modify the list and upload the CSV, and use it to create a new feature list.

Rule Creation

  1. Sign in to your Foresight account using your Google Admin account. Go to the Rules page and click on the New Rule New rule button button.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  2. Select the Manual Trigger.xFanatical
  3. Select the List calendar resource features action from all the available actions.xFanatical
  4. Then, you may need to permit Foresight in the Google Workspace account. After a successful permission grant, you will see the Access granted status.
  5. Select Feature Name in the Columns field and click Review.xFanatical
  6. Give a Rule name and click Create.xFanatical data-lazy-srcset=
  7. Then trigger the rule with the play icon.
  8. These steps will export the calendar resource features to a CSV file. Download the CSV from the Logs page.xFanatical
  9. When you will download the Features List, it will have an already existing features list, you need to delete the old ones and add new features as per your need.xFanatical
  10. Now you have to upload the CSV. So, select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the CSV file with the updated info. Wait for the file to be parsed. Then click on Next.bulk add calendar resource buildings - rule creation - data upload trigger-minxFanatical
  11. Select the Create calendar resource feature action.xFanatical
  12. Then select FeatureName in the Feature name field and click Review.xFanatical
  13. Enter the Rule name (Final_Bulk add calendar Resources features) and click on Create.xFanatical

Rule Triggering

Click on the upload icon and upload the same CSV file again. This process will take a few seconds.xFanatical

Verifying Results

Some notifications will arrive in the top-right corner. Click on the notification icon and then click on View All. You can also visit the Logs page from the left sidebar. The logs show the rule executes successfully.xFanatical

Also, check the result from the Admin console. Go to Buildings and Resources> Manage Resources. You will see the new features have been added to the Resource features list.xFanatical


Now you know about the bulk adding calendar resource features in Google Workspace. Additionally, you have read the benefits of the Google Calendar resources. Here you see how Foresight does an easy job to add calendar resource features in bulk. This is a time-saving workflow to increase productivity. You can read more topics related to this one, like - Share room and resource calendars, Use Google Calendar structured resources, etc.