Automate your Google Workspace workflows without coding

Saves your time and money by designing and automating your business processes on Google Workspace

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Your productivity matters

Do more with less

Delegate time-consuming repetitive tasks to Foresight and focus on your high value business activity

Easy hands-on

Automate your Google Workspace workflows in a few clicks without learning computer programming

Cut costs

Reduce your business operation cost with minimum investment on automation

Grow your business

The economy of scale can make a big difference to your business with automation

Automation under your control

  • Know what your workflow automation looks like at a glance
  • Easily manage automation rules 
  • Organize cleanly your automation rules as your business grows
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rule history

Stay informed for changes

  • Get notified for important account changes by Foresight automation actions
  • Track rule history to learn whether past actions were successful or failed
  • Easy troubleshooting and correction with detailed error information

Automation is fun

  • Building automation is no different from playing Lego games. Assemble your mega automation empire with a large library of pieces.
  • There are always many solutions to a problem. You creativity and effort deserve exponentially rewards. 
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Ready to simplify how you work?