Automate Google Workspace workflows without coding

xFanatical Foresight, a no-code Google Workspace Workflow Automation platform, is a cloud-based productivity tool that allows Google Workspace admins and Google Workspace users to create automated processes and workflows without having to write any code. With the integration of no-code workflow automation, xFanatical Foresight users can automate and streamline processes, saving time and increasing productivity.

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xFanatical Foresight Automation tool empowers your workforce

xFanatical Foresight automation platform is easy to use, but it's also powerful and flexible enough to handle all kinds of different automated workflows. Our tools make it easy to automate simple tasks or complex workflows. Our Foresight solution is fully integrated with Google Workspace, making it the perfect choice for businesses that rely on this powerful suite of tools.

Utilize less resources to do more

Using xFanatical Foresight, you can delegate repetitive tasks and free up valuable time to focus on your high-value activities.

Easy hands-on

With xFanatical Foresight, you can automate your Google Workspace workflows without coding!

Cut costs

Reduce your business operation cost with minimum investment on automation

Develop your business

Automate your business and unlock the benefits of scale. Grow your business with xFanatical Foresight Automation.

Designed for resourceful professionals
Google Workspace Workflow Automation


Google Workspace Admins

Our Google Workspace Admins are experts dedicated to simplifying your user, group, organizational unit, and mobile device management tasks.

We invite you to explore our xFanatical Foresight Admin Use Cases to see what Google Workspace can do for you in more depth.


Google Workspace Users

We specialize in guiding users through the process of utilizing Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Forms, and other tools to streamline their daily operations.

We invite you to explore our xFanatical Foresight User Use Cases to see what Google Workspace can do for you in more depth

Automating Your Business

You can automate Google Workspace workflows without coding, so you can focus on other things like growing your business.

Key Takeaways:

    • Know what your workflow automation looks like at a glance
    • Hassle-free automation rule categorization
    • Organize cleanly your automation rules as your business grows
    • Effortless rule monitoring and adjustment
Google Workspace Workflows
Google Workspace Workflows Tools

Stay informed for changes

  • Keep up with important account changes with xFanatical Foresight automation
  • Track rule history to learn whether past actions were successful or failed
  • Simplify error diagnosis with comprehensive data
  • Learn from past successes and failures of actions
  • Empower troubleshooting through detailed context

Automation is fun

  • Building automation is no different from playing Lego games. Assemble your mega automation empire with a large library of pieces.
  • There are always many solutions to a problem. Your creativity and effort deserve exponentially rewards.
  • Expand your automation with inventive designs
  • Empower problem-solving through interactive automation
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