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Frequently Asked Questions

What are actions?

An Action is an atomic meaningful task in automation rules. For example, sending an email from your Gmail or trashing a Google Drive file. Every block defined after a Trigger is an action. See more info in Foresight Glossary.

How are actions counted?

In one rule execution, each action that’s successful or failed is counted toward your monthly action usage. Skipped actions are not counted. You can find executed actions in the Logs page.

Is the pricing for an individual or the entire organization?

The Professional pricing is for individual Foresight account.

We have yet to support organization-wide pricing. 

What's difference of selecting 1000, 2000, 5000 or 10000 actions?

The 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 actions options are monthly action quota. Simply put, it’s the number of tasks you would like Foresight to automate for you. The more tasks you automate, the higher tier you would opt-in for. 

What are Multi-action Rules?

Multi-Action rules are like cooking steps in a recipe. To cook a spaghetti, you will need to chop onions, chop garlic, heat the saucepan, stir the meat etc. Multi-Action rules help automate complex business workflows in Google Workspace.

how many actions do I need?

It depends on how frequently Foresight automates tasks for you. We suggest you start from low action quota and monitor your action usage every month. Upgrade or downgrade at any time depending on your monthly usage.

What does it mean by 15 minute update?

The data pulling frequency from your Google Workspace. Not every rule Trigger is created equal. Most times Foresight passively listens for events from Google Worksapce to trigger the rule. For certain triggers, Foresight proactively queries your Google Workspace data (in technical term, polling) in every 15 minute to determine if a rule should be triggered.

Some triggers may poll data at longer intervals as data changes are less frequent.

When will my action usage reset?

At the beginning of each month, on the basis of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Because of your timezone, you might see a few hours difference. 

What Integrations do foresight support?

Foresight currently supports limited set of Google Workspace apps, Gmail, Calendar, Admin Console etc. We will develop more integrations with Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Vault or other Google Products. So please send us feedback if an important integration for you is missing from the product. 

How does proration work?

Proration occurs when you upgrade the subscription to a higher quota plan with the same billing term, namely monthly => monthly or yearly => yearly.

Please find the detailed proration calculation in Change Foresight Subscription Plan.

What is Action LogS?

Action Logs are all records of what Foresight has done automation for you. Because Foresight takes actions for you behind the scenes, Action Logs let you know what happened in the past. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can unsubscribe at any time in the Settings > Billing page so that you won’t be billed at the subscription renewal. 

What are the payment options?

We only support credit cards.

How does the trial work?

You can find more information in this article, How Foresight Trial Works.

Do I get refund for unused actions?


Do I get refund for downgrading my subscription?

No. You will not be credited or refunded for downgrading the subscription.

Do unused actions roll over to the next month?


Are the action quotaS one-time or recurring?

It’s recurring in a monthly basis. For instance, from Aug 1 to Aug 31, you can use up to  2000 actions with the Professional 2000 plan. On Sep 1, the action quota resets to 2000. 

We have 30 Google Workspace users, do we have to pay a Professional plan for each user?

No. The Professional plan is billed on Foresight accounts, not Google Workspace users. Only the Google Workspace users who create a Foresight account and subscribe a Professional plan are billed. 


Is a credit card required for the trial?

No, no credit card information is required to get started with 14-days Foresight trial.

Is there a pricing for non-profit organizations?

No. We understand the vital role of non-profit organizations in our society. But currently we do not offer separate pricing for non-profit organizations.

Do you take purchase orders?

No, we only accept credit cards for subscriptions.

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