Google Workspace Technical Services

Are you lost in finding solutions to your business problems in Google Workspace? Maybe we can help.

Google Workspace Workflow App

Have you ever wanted to streamline and automate your Google Workspace workflow but don‘t have the time or resources to do it manually? With Google Workspace Workflow Automation, you can easily create automated processes within your Google Workspace account without any custom coding. By utilizing this app, businesses are able to quickly and efficiently set up their workflows with just a few clicks. The Google Workspace Workflow App allows you to quickly set up powerful workflow automations with just a few simple steps. The process is easy and intuitive after you‘ve selected what tasks you‘d like to automate, you can simply click on the preset automation rules to get started.

Creative, Efficient and Reliable

Google Apps Script Custom Development

No one size fits all. Your business has unique demands in Google Workspace that no existing software meet. This is when custom development kicks in.
What is Google Apps Script and Why Apps Script?
Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with Google Workspace. It’s the foundation of many Google Workspace add-ons as you see in the market. Building a custom business solution upon Apps Script dramatically decreases the development time and your cost, as opposed to traditional software development using raw APIs. We usually take low cost mini projects, solutions that do only 1-2 tasks really well. For example, Print Google Sheet To PDF Using Apps Script or Print All Options In A Drop-Down List In Google Sheets.
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Technical Consultation

Solving problems is our passion. A creative solution not only saves business time, but also yields remarkable outcomes. Feel free to ask technical questions and we will share with you new ideas. 

Our expertise includes but not limits to
  • Google Workspace Administration. User, Group, Organizational Unit, Audit Logs, Reports, Security etc.
  • Google Workspace features and add-ons. 
  • Google Apps Script
  • Chrome extensions
  • Web applications. 
  • Google Cloud Platform. App Engine, Kubernetes, Stackdriver, Data Store. 

We also have connections with other Google Cloud Partners who can help you if your request is beyond our expertise.