In Foresight, an action is a real work unit in G Suite. For example, email someone, move a file to a folder in Google Drive, rename a Google Doc – you name it.


A trigger is essentially an event in G Suite. For example, a user is created in G Suite, a response is submitted in Google Forms, a row is deleted in Google Sheets – you name it.


A variable in Foresight is a placeholder that would be populated with real time data at rule execution. It always comes with a form of {{ VARIABLE_NAME }}, a variable name enclosed by a pair of double braces.

Variables are contextual and used in Actions. The variables available for current step / action depend on the last step. In another words, the last step determines and feeds what data is available for my step. For example, {{ firstName }} is likely a person’s first name, who did something in last step.

Variables usually will pop over when you type {{. You will browse over the variable meanings and select the variable to use in your action.