Author: Jason Huang


View Automation History via Logs

Reviewing the historical automation and modifications implemented by Foresight is essential for diagnosing rule setup issues and conducting audits. Foresight maintains a comprehensive log of

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Enable or Disable Rule

In most cases, rules in Foresight are in the autopilot mode. They will be triggered when some external “forces” or “events” reach Foresight. However, sometimes,

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Delete Rule

If a business workflow is no longer needed in this ever changing business world, you can delete a rule.  Follow these simple steps to delete

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Duplicate Rule

Duplicating rules is helpful when you have similar automation workflows but with slightly different configurations. With the existing configured rule as a starting point, it’s

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Edit Rule

If your automation use case has changed or you have misconfigured the rule before, don’t panic. Follow these simple steps to edit your existing rule.

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Create rule

Foresight automates business workflows with predefined rules. You configure rules to instruct Foresight how to automate tasks. To create a rule in Foresight, follow these

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