Foresight automates business workflows with predefined rules. You configure rules to instruct Foresight how to automate tasks.

Steps to create a rule in xFanatical Foresight. First go to the rules pages. Then click the blue + button
Create a rule in xFanatical Foresight

To create a rule in Foresight, follow these steps. 

  1. Sign into xFanatical Foresight
  2. Go to the Rules page.
  3. Click the New rule button button.
  4. In the popped New rule dialog, select a trigger.
  5. Then configure the trigger. The configuration varies by the trigger type. 
  6. After the trigger is configured, click Next.
  7. Select an action.
  8. Configure the action. The configuration varies by the action type. 
  9. (Optional) add more actions to the rule, as next actions or actions immediately after the trigger as a parallel flow. 
  10. Once the actions are configured, click Review.
  11. In Rule name, name the new rule.
  12. Click Create.

All rule creations follow the same way except the trigger and action configuration parts depend on your own use case.