In most cases, rules in Foresight are in the autopilot mode. They will be triggered when some external "forces'' or "events" reach Foresight. However, sometimes, you want to pause the automation. Then you can disable the rule to disable the autopilot. Once a rule is disabled, the automation is stopped.

Enable or disable a rule in xFanatical Foresight

Follow these simple steps to enable or disable a rule.

  1. Sign into xFanatical Foresight
  2. Go to the Rules page.
  3. Find the existing rule to modify.
  4. On the rule card, click the switcher. Turn on the switcher to enable the rule. Turn off the switcher to disable the rule. 


  • Some rules with the Data uploaded trigger or Manual trigger won't trigger by themselves without your intervention. They are "semi-automatic" instead of "autopilot". For these rules, the switcher is not on the rule card. You do not need to enable or disable these rules.
  • If your monthly action quota is depleted, then you cannot enable any rules. You need to upgrade your subscription with more monthly action quota first.