Duplicating rules is helpful when you have similar automation workflows but with slightly different configurations. With the existing configured rule as a starting point, it's faster to create a similar rule than creating the new rule from scratch. 

xFanatical Foresight can allow you to duplicate a rule. Click the 3 dot menu and select Duplicate.
Duplicate a rule in xFanatical Foresight

Follow these simple steps to duplicate an existing rule.

  1. Sign into xFanatical Foresight
  2. Go to the Rules page.
  3. Find the existing rule to modify.
  4. Click the 3-dot menu 3 dots menu and select Duplicate
  5. In the popped rule edit dialog, change your trigger or action configurations as needed. 
  6. Once it's done, click Review.
  7. In the Review screen, click Create.