This page lists Foresight product updates to help users discover new features and bug fixes.



Bug fix

  • The action after IF action was taken regardless of the condition settings. [Thanks for Antoine's feedback]



Bug fix

  • Whitespaces in rule names are trimmed.
  • Log items were not updated properly.



What's New

  • Reconnect Foresight with your Google Account with one click in Settings > Security. If you revoked the permissions accidentally, automation rules in Foresight would fail. To avoid reprocessing individual permissions from one rule to another, this feature simplifies you to reconnect them at once.
  • Rules would be automatically disabled if it failed in critical scenarios such as the account access revoked or expired, or your admin privileges revoked. This prevents the automation rule from executing wasteful actions and generating always failed garbage results. You will be notified for this important change by push notification (email notification in future versions).
  • Added a new User turned inactive trigger, a security-wise trigger for admins to watch inactive users who haven't signed in for certain days. Learn the use case of automatically suspending inactive users.



What's New

  • Added a Log feature. The Log feature displays past rule execution history in recent 3 months. It provides you a more straightforward way to know when the automation rule executed, how many rules succeeded or failed and what changes were made by the rule.
  • Notifications for at the completion of rule execution now show a link to the Log feature instead of displaying the rule history in place.



What's New

  • Foresight is now a free + paid automation service. Free users can use 150 actions per month, the Lite plan. If this is not enough for you, upgrade to Professional plans. Thanks for being our honored guests. With your support, Foresight will help automate more workflows for your business and improve your productivity.
  • Added a dashboard to track your rule execution history.
  • Added an action usage stats and your allowed quota for the current month.


What's New - Add capabilities for G Suite Administrators

  • Added 19 G Suite Administrator related triggers. For Admins, these triggers watch user changes, group changes and organizational units changes you made from admin console.
  • Add 24 G Suite Administrator actions. These actions too include querying and updating user data, group data and organizational units data from your admin console.
  • With varieties of combinations, you will be able to automate more tasks than on admin console. For example, when a user is moved into the organizational unit /Sales, send this user a welcome email and then add him/her to a group.

Bug fixes

  • The Group drop down menu always showed 0 group members.
  • The new user's organizational unit (OU) path now exactly matches the Org Unit Path condition in User created trigger. The condition was considered valid if the user's OU path is a subsidiary of the OU path specified.
  • Fix international language issue on the rule preview.


  • Support sub-domain emails for user creation, suspension and deletion actions.
  • Fixed bugs of unexpectedly shutting off rules with User Created or Group Member Added triggers.


  • Fixed a bug of unexpected rule turning off.
  • Non-admin-role users get clearer error messages of insufficient admin privileges when creating admin only rules.


  • Added a new Action Update vacation responder. This action will automate updating your Gmail vacation settings. For example, turning on it after your business hours daily and automatically turn off during work hours, so your customers won't bother you after hours. Note: this action required you to whitelist Foresight. Otherwise you may not use it or be prompted with an unverified app warning.
  • Added a new If action. With this action, you will be able to control flows, like if this, do that; otherwise do another. It could simplify much of work.
  • Duplicate rules to create similar rules faster!
  • Bug fixes on creating rules.
  • Added a Send feedback option to your profile icon menu. Await your golden advice!


  • Fixed an issue of large email body.