This article is written for Google Calendar users.

It's not uncommon that you have multiple Google calendars in your calendar list, and it's necessary to copy events from one calendar to another. For example, when someone created a seminar event in a shared calendar you subscribed to, you would like to forward a copy of event to your primary calendar.

Google Calendar has the convenient feature to copy an event to another calendar. It's done by clicking the event, clicking the 3 dots menubutton and select one of Copy to <your destination calendar>.

Copy event option in Google Calendar
Copy event option in Google Calendar

Having that said, it's impossible in Google Calendar to automatically copy events. If you consistently have events to copy, it's eating up your time.

This article explains how Foresight automatically copies new events from one Google calendar to anther calendar.


Assume that Julie Roe, the protagonist of this demo, wants to automatically copy new events from Marketing Webinars to her primary calendar, illustrated below.

Copy events from Marketing webinars calendar to Primary calendar
Copy events from Marketing Webinars calendar to Primary calendar

The following video demonstrates how to set up a Foresight automation rule so that Foresight automatically copies the events without your intervention.


The automation rule is only 1 trigger and 1 action, so it's very simple to set up.

  1. Log into Foresight.
  2. Go to Rules.
  3. Click the new rule button button to create a new automation rule.
  4. In the Select a trigger page, select New calendar event trigger.
  5. In the Edit trigger page,
    Edit New calendar event trigger
    1. Click Sign in with Google to connect Foresight with your Google Calendar. Once you are done, you will see Access granted instead.
    2. Click Calendars, in the drop down menu, select your source calendar, the calendar from which new events are copied. It's possible to select more than one calendars, so new events from all these source calendars can be copied to a destination calendar.
    3. (Optional) Check the option Also include events I was not invited. It's up to you whether to include events you were not invited.
    4. (Optional) Check the Also include events I created. If checked, events you created from the selected calendar(s) will trigger the automation.
    5. Uncheck the Include events created by Foresight option (not shown in the demo video).
  6. Click NEXT.
  7. In the Select an action page, select Copy event to calendar.
  8. In the Edit action page for Copy event to calendar.
    Edit copy event to calendar action
    1. Click Sign in with Google to connect Foresight with your Google Calendar. Once you are done, you will see Access granted instead.
    2. In the Source calendar field, select the Calendar Id variable.
    3. In the Event field, select the Calendar Event Id variable.
    4. In the Destination calendar field, select your destination calendar from the list.
  9. Click REVIEW.
  10. Give the automation rule a name.
  11. Click CREATE.
  12. Your rule is visualized as
    Automatically copy calendar events rule visualization

Now send an event to your source calendar. The new event will be copied to your destination calendar momentarily.


  • Attendees in an event are not copied. This is to prevent the copied event from being circulated back to attendees.
  • Copying calendar events is NOT the same as syncing calendar events. The copied calendar event is disconnected from the source calendar event. Deleting / updating one won't affect the other. If you'd like to sync events between two calendars, add the destination calendar as an attendee and let the destination calendar auto accept the event invite instead.
  • If you want to copy calendar events across Google accounts, you need to first subscribe to calendars.
  • When you copy events among several calendars in bi-directions, make sure you unchecked the Include events created by Foresight option in the New calendar event trigger.

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