Just like you bulk add members to Google Group in the Workspaces, you also need to bulk remove members from Google Group. Since it can be a tedious job, automation can be a great way to streamline it. Moreover, it is a bit difficult because of the following reasons:  

  1. As an admin, you can only remove 50 members at once. That is because the Google Dashboard enlists 50 members on one page. If you select users from the second page, then the ones on the first page will get deselected.
  2. If the admin is also a member of the same group, then he could go to groups.google.com or navigate to the groups from the top right menu. But here, the members per page are only 100. So, the admin has to add these members to the group, page by page, being able to select only 100 members at a time. Obviously, this is an arduous job.

So to avoid such a situation, we need an automation tool like Foresight, which can make this iterative task a bit easier for the Google Admin. 

In this blog, we will see how Foresight helps us to quickly bulk-remove members from Google Groups.

How to manage members in Google Groups?

You can manage members in Google Groups quite easily. You can do it with the help of three methods:

  • Manage (add or remove) through the Google Admin Console.
  • Manage members through Google Groups directly.
  • Use Foresight with your Google Account to automate the management

How to remove a member from Google Group?

Removing members from Google Group means that they will not receive any group notification emails. But that does not mean that the removal will delete the user’s account. You can complete this task directly from the Google Admin Console

  1. You need to go to the Directory > Groups and click the name of a group. Then you go to the Members tab. 
  2. Then you can choose to remove one or multiple members by clicking the checkbox. Then click on the Remove members option that appears on top while selecting members.
  3. After that confirm the removal by clicking REMOVE MEMBERS in the popup. 

You can also remove members from the Google Groups itself. 

  1. Go to Google Groups and sign in with your Google Admin Account.
  2. On the left side, go to People > Members.
  3. The name of the members will appear in a checklist format. Check the name of the member whom you want to remove. 
  4. At the top right, click the Remove Member option and then OK to confirm. 

How do I bulk remove people in Google Groups with Foresight?

Demo Video:

  1. Log in to Foresight with a Google Admin account.
  2. First, we need a list of Group Members we want to remove. For that, we will export the list of members in CSV Format. So let’s see how to export the group members’ list.
    1. Go to the Rules page and click the New rule button New Rule button, at the bottom right.
    2. Select Manual Trigger and then select the list group members.
    3. Here you may need to grant Foresight the necessary permissions to the Google WorkSpace account. When access is granted, you will see .
    4. In the Group Email field, we will select the Group Internship Finished option. Please note there are only ten members because this is only a demo case. Real cases can be applied to hundreds of members.
    5. In the Column field, we have added the Group Email and Member Email.
    6. Click on Review and enter the Rule name. Then click on Create.
    7. You can see that the Rule has been created. Click the Play icon to trigger the rule.
    8. After a few seconds, you will get a confirmation that the rule has been triggered successfully. From the Logs Page, you can download the CSV file.
    9. Open the CSV file after downloading. Here you can remove the members whom you do not want to be removed from the group. Since this is a demo, we shall be keeping all of them.
    10. Now we shall see how to delete the members from the specific group.
  3. Again go to the Rule Page and click the New rule button New Rule Button. 
  4. Select the Data uploaded trigger.
  5. Click on the Upload Box and upload the exported CSV. Wait for the CSV to be parsed.
  6. You can now see the CSV columns present there.
  7. Select Next and select the Delete Group Members action from there.
  8. Here, first, you may need to grant permission in your Google Workspace account for Foresight. When access is granted, you will see . After that select the Group Email in the Group email field, and Member Email in the Member email field.Bulk delete users from group in Google Workspace.
  9. Click Review and enter the Rule name. 
  10. Click Create
  11. You can now see that the rule has been created. Click on the Upload Icon and upload the same CSV file again. Wait for the rule to be triggered.
  12. After the rule has been triggered successfully, you can confirm it from the Logs Page. You can see 10 records in one log, one for each member. You can also confirm it from the Google Admin.
  13. You will see that all the members from the Internship finished group are deleted now.


Foresight is one of the best ways for organizations to save time and effort and better organize their workflows. With this tool, you can also bulk add or remove members to a Google Group; you can also mail merge with different templates and a lot more. To discover more benefits of Foresight, visit our website.