There are often times when Google admin needs to bulk export groups in Google Workspace as CSV. This feature is beneficial for managing employee information, especially in large businesses. But unfortunately, Google Admin Console doesn't have this option. So, there should be a way to do that. Foresight offers this valuable feature. It can export groups in a matter of seconds

Why is the Export Google Groups list as CSV required?

Suppose there is a large e-commerce organization having more than five thousand employees. In this situation, it isn't easy to store their information within a single list. There are a lot of chances to lose the data of an employee or overlapping data between two or more employees. Thus you need to break the list into several groups. You can create and manage these groups with Google Workspace and easily export CSV files of the groups. By doing this, you can obtain these benefits-

  • Only one email address is required to communicate with the entire group.
  • You can organize meetings, conferences, and events by using Google Calendar.
  • You can familiarize and collaborate with people of similar backgrounds and interests. 
  • You can create and read posts about various topics or anything that comes to your mind.
  • Create a collaborative inbox made of threads with responses from various group members.  

These are the following purposes for making a Google group. Google Groups can be made for all kinds of organizations, be it schools or companies. You can join a Google Group for personal purposes, also. Overall, it is an excellent medium to have a common platform. 

Bulk Exporting Google Groups using Foresight

Foresight creates a robust workflow by automating this process of exporting groups on Google Workspace. Google admin can export group lists using a CSV containing all the necessary details, like email addresses. With Foresight, you can save time and enhance productivity and convenience. 

Video demo

This video demo shows you the procedure of using Foresight export groups in Google Workspace so that you can understand it very well.


Rule Setup

All modern organizations have their employee groups list stored in Google Workspace. From this group list, the managers in the organization can see the group details like group name, group email, group descriptions, and the number of members. Our task in this assignment is to export those groups of employees in Google workspace.

This process is divided into two parts-

Part 1: Rule Creation- Create the rule for exporting the groups by using Manual Trigger.

Part 2: Rule Triggering- Exporting the groups and downloading a CSV file of the groups that have been exported.

Part 3: Verifying Results- See the results in the CSV list.

Part 1: Rule Creation

  1. Using your Google Admin account, sign in to your Foresight account.
  2. Go to the Rules page and click on the New Rule New rule button   button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select the Manual Trigger> List groups action. The manual trigger starts clicking on the Rules card.
  4. Follow these sub-steps in step 4.
    1. First, you need to give Foresight the necessary permissions. 
    2. b) After that, set up the Columns field by leaving the default columns. Next, you will find the Member email field. If you provide a specific group email address or group member's email address. Then, only that group will be exported. But this is optional. So, you can leave it empty.
  5. Click on the REVIEW button and enter the rule name as Groups list. Then click on CREATE. The rule has been created.

Part 2: Rule Triggering

  1. Click the play icon of the top-right corner from the rule workflow card. The rule has been triggered now.
  2. The rule is triggered now. So, click on the notification icon and go to the SHOW ALL option to verify the result. Alternatively, you can find the result on Foresight’s Logs page.
  3. The trigger actions have been successful, and all 25 groups are exported.

Part 3: Verifying Results

  1. You can download it from the here link in the Action history section.
  2. The associated CSV file is available now. 


You can get the below-mentioned details by performing the Export Groups in Google Workspace with Foresight.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Description
  • Is the Admin created the group
  • Aliases
  • Number of Members

Foresight is one of the best Google Workspace automation apps. Just like you have exported Groups in Google Workspace, you can also bulk add members to Google Group using Foresight and bulk remove members from Google Group. For more information about Foresight, you can visit our website.