In this article we will know how to bulk update google workspace licenses. IT Admins are usually required to handle several Google Workspace licenses at a time, and they are responsible for creating, updating, and deleting these licenses. So, when it comes to updating these licenses, the admin has to do it one by one using the Google Admin Console. As a result, this process becomes overwhelming and repetitive, increasing the chances of mistakes.

To help Google Admins solve this puzzle, Foresight creates the automation workflow to bulk update Google Workspace licenses. Let’s see how to operate this workflow.

Why do people have the demand for bulk update Google Workspace licenses?

As an Admin of a sizable organizational unit, you have a scope to assign licenses for different types of Google Workspace subscriptions for your users. There are four types of subscription categories – Business, Education, Enterprise, and Essentials for the users. But when you need to perform a Google Workspace upgrade for the users, you should update their licenses first. Thus, it requires bulk updates for the licenses. To avoid time wastage for the manual upgradation process, you must choose multiple licenses to update simultaneously. As a result, your users gain access to the additional features of Google Workspace without too much delay.

Overview of the Admin Console

The Google Admin Console manages devices, users, security, and administrative settings within the Google Workspace. The Administrators perform actions in the Google Workspace through an Admin account. It’s a different account than the Google Workspace user account.

  • It uses cloud identity features to manage the users’ security. Thus it integrates 2-step verifications and security keys’ protection for the users.
  • It keeps your organization’s data secured through Endpoint management. This technology lets you set screen locks, strong passwords, device wipes, etc. Endpoint Management supports Android, iOS, ChromeOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • The Admin can control the geographical location to enhance the security of your Google Workspace data.
  • Moreover, it provides advanced protection to protect your account from phishing and other hacking activities.

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Bulk Update Google Workspace licenses with Foresight

With Foresight, you can automate and manage complex business workflows within a limited time. This automation platform integrates with Google Workspace and enables all the functionalities of that cloud service. The automated solutions omit redundant and time-consuming tasks for you. Thus it makes your business more profitable and greater productivity. You don’t need to learn any coding to manage the automation tasks. A few clicks and simple steps are enough to complete an automation rule.

If you say about bulk updating Google Workspace licenses, there is no such feature in the Admin Console. But Foresight introduces and automates this feature for the Admins to manage multiple user licenses. Thus it’s an advantage of Foresight over Admin Console.

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Rule Creation

  1. Sign in to your Foresight account with the help of a Google Admin account. Go to the Rules page and click the New Rule (+) button.
  2. Select the Data uploaded trigger and upload a CSV file containing users’ license information.Know How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses
  3. Select the Text variable type for the Current SKU ID. Again, select the Text variable type for the New SKU ID. Click Next.Know How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses
Know How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses

4. Next, select the Update user license action from all available actions.Know How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses
5. Ensure that Foresight gets access permission from Google Workspace Account. You will see the Access granted status for this.

6. Select User Primary Email in the User email, Product Id in the Product Id, Current SKU Id in the Current SKU Id, and New SKU Id in the New SKU Id field. Click Review.Know How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses
7. Enter the Rule name (Bulk Update Google Workspace User Licenses) and click CreateKnow How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses

Verifying Results

You can see the rule has been created. A notification will appear at the top right corner. You will find the status of successful rule triggering. Also, you can find it on the Logs page.Know How To Bulk Update Google Workspace Licenses

Tips and Considerations

You should consider the following tips to bulk update users as a Google admin –

  1. You should make a CSV file or spreadsheet of the users’ accounts to update in bulk.
  2. There is a limitation if you’re updating the licenses using New Licenses [Upload Only] column. This column only supports 200 users. Otherwise, you can update the license for 150,000 users.
  3. Your subscription costs depend upon the number of users you have. If you add new users, it will increase your monthly fee.
  4. Ensure you have sufficient licenses in your account. You must have the proper categories’ licenses to update or add new users’ licenses.
  5. Check the unmanaged accounts before updating the users’ licenses.
  6. You can synchronize your users’ accounts using an LDAP server (ex. Microsoft Active Directory). Google Cloud Directory Sync will enable the users’ syncing process for you.
  7. You can update a visitor’s account to a Google Workspace account. Know more about this by sharing documents with visitors.

Benefits of bulk updating Google Workspace licenses for the Admin

  1. This task helps the Admin to manage the multiple user licenses simultaneously within the Google Admin Workspace. The Admin can perform the task efficiently within a few times.
  2. They track and create reports about the updated licenses.
  3. They can save the user licenses CSV for future reference. Later, they can make CSV templates based on it.
  4. Admins need the record of updated licenses to manage their monthly subscription bills.
  5. Also, the Admins can identify the unmanaged users’ accounts and take proper action against these.


This blog post taught you how to update multiple licenses in the Google Workspace with Foresight. Additionally, you learned the benefits and considerations of this task. Now, try to perform this automation action with Foresight. Initially, you can choose the 14-day free trial and later upgrade it.

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