The Google Admin Managers are in charge of handling the data of several Google workspace users, sometimes, he needs to export users from Google Workspace for their organization. If you are a manager, you may need to export the active, suspended, or both users' list from Google Admin Console. This current write-up will focus on how to export users from the Google admin console. You can export the file in CSV (comma-separated value) format. So, read on to get a deeper understanding.

How to export the users list from Google?

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin Console.
  2. Select the Users from the left-hand side of the admin console. It will navigate you to the Users page.
  3. Next, click on the Download users option that appears on top of the users' list.  
  4. A popup window will appear. There you need to select two things –
    1. Currently selected columns - It is the number of columns available in your Google sheet. You need three columns- Email, First name, and Last name. You can add more columns if you need.
    2. Comma-separated values(.csv) - Finally, click on the Download button and get your CSV file.

Why use Foresight for Google workspace automation?

Why Foresight? Foresight is a drag-and-drop tool that lets IT admins combine two tasks together. For example in this case, we’re going to export the users' list, and then obviously, some manager needs it. So, you need to send this user list via email, if you are working in Google Admin. But with Foresight, you can export the users' list and send it to a manager in one go. It can do this with the help of automation rules and actions, and Google admin doesn't have any kind of sending email feature for this purpose. So, Foresight is a robust product to do the task. It also saves a lot of time and increases productivity and communication.

Demo video

Instructions - Export users from Google Workspace

Rule Setup

  1. Sign in to your Foresight account with the help of a Google Admin account.
  2. Go to the Rules page and click on the New Rule New rule buttonbutton.
  3. Select the Manual trigger from the New Rule page. The trigger starts by manually clicking on the card having the same name.Export Group Members to CSV in Google Workspace
  4. Next, select the List Users action from all available actions.
  5. After that, you need to change some configurations. Hence, make sure that Foresight gets access permission from the Google Workspace account. Once the permission will be granted you can see the Access granted status.
    1. Then go to the Columns field. You can add and delete columns here. Now you have to select a bunch of columns from here. We have selected Email, First Name, and Last Name.
    2. Then go to the Columns field. You can add and delete columns here. Now you have to select a bunch of columns from here. We have selected Email, First Name, and Last Name.
    3. The following field is associated with sorting. From this, you can get an exported users list with sorting by email. Again you can put them in ascending or descending order. So, you have to select Email and Ascending.
    4. Note: There is a help icon beside every field. You can click and read about the areas from those icons.
    5. Then there is a field about selecting delete users. You have to set it to false.
    6. Next, go to the Organizational Unit field. But leave it empty.
    7. Now go to the Direct Manager Email field. The purpose of this field is to export the user list to the particular manager. You have to leave it also.
    8. The next field is named user suspended. This is an important field because we have to specify if we need active users or suspended users. So, select false to export active users and true for suspended users. Here, we are selecting the false.
  6. Click on Add Next Action.
  7. Select the Email action.
  8. Enter the email where you want to send the data.
    1. Enter a subject and fill in the email body.
    2. Also, insert the CSV file link to the email body. Type opening double curly brackets {{ and select the user CSV download link.
  9. Click on Review.
  10. Enter the Rule name (All active users list) and click Create.
  11. You can see the rule is created on the Rules page.Export all active users from Google Workspace

Rule Test

  1. Click on the play button to trigger the rule manually.
  2. You will see the notification in the top-right corner. By clicking on the VIEW LOG or SHOW ALL option, you can find the status of successful rule triggering.
  3. Also, you can find it on the Logs page from the left sidebar.
  4. There you can download the CSV from here link under Rule History.
  5. The manager also received an email with an attached link to CSV.Here is the users' list in Google Sheet.

Hopefully, now you have an idea of how Foresight becomes helpful for Google admin export users list. Apart from that, you can also perform tasks like export active users or export suspended users, Bulk export group list in Google workspace, You can export any kind of organizational data, etc., using Foresight.