In this era of the digital workspace, features like Google Groups have proved to be very helpful for organizations to maintain inter-department communications. Now, sometimes managers need to bulk add members to Google Group.

Now, Google Workspace Admin can add members, but it has the following limitations-
Limitations of Google Admin when adding members to Google Groups 

  1. There are only 50 members on one page of the Google Workspace Users. If the admin needs to select more than one, he/she can't because if he repeats the same select action on the second page, then the ones we had selected before would be deselected automatically. 
  2. If the admin is also a member of the same group, then he could go to or navigate to the groups from the top right menu in Google Workspace Account. But here, the members per page are only 100. So, the admin has to add these members to the group, page by page, being able to select only 100 members at a time. Obviously, this is an arduous job. So, they need a specialized solution. This is where Foresight from xFanatical comes into play. It helps the admin to add hundreds of users in bulk with ease. Now, before moving on to that, let's understand the significance of Google Groups.

What is a Google Group used for?

Google group is an online platform where various people congregate for various purposes. Majorly it is done for the following purposes: 

  • Notify or email through one single email address
  • Have a collaborative inbox and track members by assigning various conversation threads. 
  • Gather online with people who have common or similar hobbies, backgrounds, and interests
  • Learning something together and having a discussion virtually
  • The online organization of conferences, meetings, and events

How to add members to the Google group?

If you are an Admin of the Google Group, then you can add the members to the Google group through a simple method:

  1. Go to Google Admin Console, and click on Groups in the Left Menu. Then select a group from the group list.
  2. Then you need to click on ADD MEMBERS.
  3. After that, click on Find a user or group and enter their emails.
  4. Again click ADD TO GROUP to send the invitation. 

How do I bulk-add members to a Google Group?

There is no specific method to bulk-add members to a Google Group. However, you can use the method mentioned above to add the members. All you need to do is keep adding the email addresses of the users that you want to add in the add members box, and then you are good to go. But you can also Bulk add members to a Google Group with the help of Foresight. 

Bulk add members to Google Group with Foresight

In this example, we have a group Marketing trainees. The members of this group have finished their internships and now we will move these members to another group Internship Finished.

Let's see how to do this.

Demo Video

Rule setup

  1. Sign in to your Foresight account using your Google Workspace Admin Account.
  2. First, we need the CSV of the users we want to add to the group. So, let’s see how we can export a user’s list.
    1. Go to the Rules page and click on the New rule button New Rule button on the bottom right-hand side of the page.
    2. Select Manual Trigger and select the List group members action.
    3. In the Group email field, we will select the group Marketing Trainees.
    4. Next, in the column field, we will only select the member email and the group email. Click on Review and enter the Rule Name and click Create.
    5. As you see the rule has been created, click on the play icon to trigger the rule. After a few seconds, you will get a confirmation. The rule has been triggered successfully.
    6. From the log page, you can download the CSV file. Open the CSV file. Here you can remove the members’ records that you do not want to add to the group.
    7. In this case, we have presented here, we will keep all of them. Now we will see how we will add the members to the specific group.   
  3. Again, go to the Rule page and click on the New Rule Button.
  4. Select the Data Uploaded trigger.
  5. Click on the Data uploaded box and upload the exported CSV. Wait for the CSV to be parsed. After a few seconds, you will see the CSV columns are visible there. Click Next.
  6. Select Add Group Member action. If required, grant the necessary access permissions. Here, select the group in the group email field, where you want to add the member, and select Members email in the Members email field.
  7. Click Review and enter the Rule Name. Click Create.
  8. As you can see, the rule has been created. You need to upload the same CSV file once again. Wait for the rule to be triggered.
  9. After the rule has been triggered successfully, you can confirm it on the Log page. You can also confirm the bulk member addition from the Google Admin. You can see all 50 marketing trainee members have been added to the Internship Finished group.


With Foresight, you can automate every action that you can perform on Google WorkSpace. You can export users on Google WorkSpace or mail merge with different templates. For learning more about Foresight, make sure you visit our website.