In this blog post, we will learn how to bulk delete users email aliases from Google Workspace.

In a previous article, we learned what user email aliases are, how to add them for a single user or in bulk, and how to use them. In this blog post, we will show how to bulk-delete email aliases, when their work is complete and your organization needs them no more.

In this write-up, we shall see how to achieve the objective mentioned above with the aid of Foresight. Let's see how Foresight helps in bulk deleting user email aliases easily and efficiently.

How to bulk delete user aliases using Google Admin Console?

Here are the steps for bulk delete user email aliases with Google Admin Console.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console by using an administrator account.
  2. Go to Menu > Directory > Users in the Admin console.
  3. Click on a user's name to open the user settings page. Also, you can find a user's account from the Find a user account.
  4. On the left-hand side, click on user information section, then click on Add Alternate Emails.
  5. Then you can find the Remove option next to the email alias. Click on Remove. If you don't see Remove, the alias was automatically added as a domain alias. A domain alias is available for every user; you can't delete it for just one user. Thus, you must delete the domain alias. For more details, go to Remove a domain from your Google Workspace account.
  6. Finally, click on Save

Now you have bulk deleted user email aliases, but these changes can take up to 24 hours but typically happen more quickly. 

Bulk delete users email aliases from Google Workspace with Foresight

Foresight is a SaaS platform helping businesses streamline and automate Google Workspace workflows without any coding knowledge. It enables administrators and users to design complex business workflows that cannot be done with native Google cloud services and, thus, work smartly and efficiently. Though the Admin Console has the same feature, Foresight can solve the issue easily within a few minutes. In this way, it helps to increase the productivity of a business organization.


Demo Video

Mr. Bell Cruel has two extra email aliases. And we will delete them.

Mr Bell Cruel has two extra email aliases.

First, you must prepare a list of users whose email aliases must be deleted. There are two columns in the sheet- Email and Email Aliases. Some users may have more than one alias, so the first user has two aliases in the list. Please note, for the demo purpose we are only taking 10 users, while in real cases, we can handle thousands of users at a time. Next, download the Google Sheet in CSV (comma-separated value) format.

Along with preparing the Users’ email aliases list, let’s also see the Google Admin Console. In below screenshot, Mr. Bell Cruel has two extra email aliases, and we will delete them with Foresight. And then we’ll confirm it back from Google Admin Console.

Here is the users’ email aliases list.

Rule Creation

  1. Sign in to Foresight with the help of a Google Admin account. Go to the Rules page and click on the New Rule New rule button button.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  2. Then select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the CSV file with updated information. Wait for the file to be parsed.Bulk update employees information in Google Workspace
  3. After that, click on Next.
  4. Now select the Delete user email alias action.
  5. In this step, you need to grant permission for Foresight through the Google Workspace account. Once you have done it successfully, the status will be changed to Access granted.
  6. Select Email in the Primary email and Email Aliases in the Email alias field. Then click on Review. Note: If you check the Delete All option it will delete all the email aliases and erase all data from the CSV file. But as we are taking the data from CSV, so don’t check it.
  7. Now enter the Rule name (bulk delete user email aliases) and click on Create. You will see the rule has been created now.

Rule Triggering

Click on the upload icon of the rule card and upload the same CSV file again. This process will take a few seconds.

Verifying Results

  1. Notification will come in the top-right corner of the Rules page. You can see the successful execution status of the rule after clicking on it.
  2. Click the View Log option within the notification to view the log details. Also, you can see it from the Logs page. It shows the successful triggering of the rule.
  3. Finally, confirm it from the Google admin console. So, filter the users by their email and click on the user name. Then go to the User information. Now you can see one Alternate email deleted for every user. You can see Mr. Bell Cruel has only one email alias now.


Now you know how to bulk delete Google email aliases with the help of Foresight. Explore its features and learn how to simplify the functioning of Google workspace without any code. Also, check out the 14 days free trial of Foresight. You can also read: Bulk-add email aliases to user accounts, Should I uncheck "Treat as an alias" in Gmail?, Add a user alias domain or secondary domain, Overview: Changing a Directory user's name or email address