In this article, we will know how to approve mobile devices in bulk from a list. For an IT Admin, managing a sizable team, keeping track of all the devices used to access the account is imperative to ensure cyber security protection. Google Admin Console has the option to bulk approve mobile devices but only under those editions that have advanced mobile management features.

Hence, Foresight introduces bulk approving mobile devices from a list to eliminate these manual redundant tasks for the Admin. It automates the process and helps the Admin to perform this task efficiently.

Why do you need to perform bulk approval for mobile devices?

IT Admin must review their user-owned devices that request organizational data access. In this case, the Admin should approve the users’ devices to permit them to access the work data and other resources. So, when the users add their work account to their device, they will see a message that the Admin will review and approve their device. After getting approval from the Admin, he will access the work data within the device. Google Admin allows you to approve a single device at a time. This action will save your organization from data breaches and other cybercrimes. But, as an Admin, you might be required to approve multiple devices simultaneously. For example, when a batch of new employees comes to your organization, you should take action for multiple mobiles. Thus, you need to perform bulk approval for the mobile devices.

Note: The feature is not supported for mobile devices under basic mobile management. 

How to bulk approve mobile devices from a list with Foresight?

Foresight is a potential SaaS platform that creates customized automation rules for the Google Workspace Admin and users. Its no-code automated workflows remove the bother of manual tasks. Thus it improves the proficiency of the Admin and users. As a result, it boosts organizational growth and productivity. For this use case, Foresight creates another benefit for the Admin. It provides automated rules to complete this task. Also, the Google Admin Console allows you to approve a single device at once. So, it doesn’t support exporting mobile devices through a CSV. Here, Foresight has an edge over Admin Console as it supports exporting mobile devices for bulk approval of these devices from a CSV list. This use case aims to enhance the Admin's efficiency and employ an additional layer of security for the OU.

Video Demo

From this demo video, you will learn how to bulk-approve mobile devices in Google Workspace from a list with the help of Foresight.


The rule is divided into two parts:

  • Rule 1: Prepare the CSV file for the mobile devices to be approved.
  • Rule 2: Approve the exported mobile devices.

Rule Creation

  1. Sign in to your Foresight account and click the New Rule (+) button.
  2. Select the Manual Trigger.New Rule
  3. Then, select the List mobile devices action.List mobile devices
  4. Keep only three columns - Device ID, Device User Email, and Device Status. But ensure you have selected the Device Status columns because it’s necessary for exporting the device's status. Click Review.New Rule
  5. Give a Rule Name (Step 1: Bulk approving mobile devices from the list) and click Create.Rule Name
  6. Now, the rule has been created. So, trigger the rule to fetch the CSV file.CSV file
  7. Check the notification and the Logs page to see the status of successful rule execution. Then, download the CSV file. From this CSV, you will find those devices’ status as PENDING. That means they are not approved yet.CSV
New rule

8. Now, create the second rule to approve these mobile devices. To start, click the New Rule (+) button. 

9. Select the Data uploaded trigger and upload the CSV file. Click Next.10. Select Approve mobile device.

11. Select Device Status in the Device ID field and Device User Email in the User Primary Email field. Click Review.Device Status

12. Give Rule Name ( Step 2: Bulk approving mobile devices from the list) and click  Create.Rule Name

Rule Triggering

Trigger the rule and upload the same CSV file. 

Verifying the Result

You will find the rule has been successfully executed. Check the notifications and the Logs page in this regard. 


So, this is all about bulk approving mobile devices from a list in Google Workspace. Approving the user's mobile devices upgrades your organization's security. Moreover, Foresight's powerful automation helps you complete this task without too much effort. So, learn more about the automation rules of Foresight and explore its features. Try a 14-day free trial with Foresight and then upgrade your plan as per the requirements. Learn other topics related to this one - Bulk Block Mobile Devices In Google Workspace, etc.