In this article you will learn how to block the Google Meet Live Captions in Google Workspace for Education by using the power of Safe Doc. In this way K-12 schools can manage classroom very easy and faster.

Note: This article is written for Google Workspace for Education administrators.

Video format.

K-12 schools classroom management issue

For k-12 schools, new features may not be always beneficial despite of productivity gain. This live caption feature could distract students from studying remotely.

Google rolled out Live captions in Google Meet in Apr 2019 to make meetings more accessible for participants with different hearing abilities.

This article explains how Safe Doc, a chrome extension, blocks live captions in Google Meet. If you have yet to install Safe Doc, apply a 30 days trial.

What's changing (Blocking Google Meet Live Captions)

Without Safe Doc, in Google Meet interface, there are a Turn on captions button at the bottom bar and a Turn on captions menu item in the popped menu. Safe Doc removes those entries in Meet.

Safe Doc Blocks the Captions in Google Meet
Safe Doc Blocks the Captions in Google Meet

How to set up in Safe Doc?

If you have deployed Safe Doc and read Safe Doc Configuration, blocking live captions can be done by adding this policy BlockMeetCaptions and set its policy value to true.

"BlockMeetCaptions": {
  "Value": true

On/off by default?

This blocking feature is OFF by default.

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