In this article, we will explore how to effectively block GIFs and stickers in Google Slides and Drawings using Safe Doc, a powerful tool designed to enhance productivity and security.

As more and more organizations embrace the power of Google Slides for presentations and collaboration, it becomes crucial to maintain productivity and security within this platform. One common distraction that can hinder productivity and compromise security is the use of GIFs and stickers in Google Slides. Unfortunately, Google didn’t provide an administrative feature for it.

The importance of productivity and security in Google Slides

Productivity and security are two key aspects that organizations prioritize in their day-to-day operations. When it comes to Google Slides, ensuring that employees can work efficiently and securely is crucial for successful presentations and collaboration. GIFs and stickers, while fun and visually appealing, can be major distractions during presentations, causing loss of focus and impacting productivity.

Moreover, these elements can also be used to transmit malware or inappropriate content, posing serious security risks. By taking control over the usage of GIFs and stickers, organizations can create a more productive and secure environment for their employees.

What is Safe Doc and how does it work?

Safe Doc is a comprehensive tool that allows organizations to manage and control various aspects of Google Workspace, including Google Slides. It offers advanced features and functionalities that enhance productivity and security while ensuring compliance with organizational policies. When it comes to blocking GIFs and stickers in Google Slides, Safe Doc provides a robust solution.

Introducing Safe Doc's Block GIFs and stickers in Google Slides Policy

We are excited to announce the release of Safe Doc's Block GIFs and stickers in Google Slides policy.

BlockGIFAndSticker Policy Configuration

"BlockGIFAndSticker" : {
  "Value": true

Step-by-step guide to blocking GIFs and stickers in Google Slides with Safe Doc

Step 1: Install Safe Doc: The first step is to install Safe Doc in your Google Workspace environment. Safe Doc is a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with Google Slides, providing enhanced control and security features.

Step 2: Configure Safe Doc settings: Once Safe Doc is installed, you can configure its settings to start blocking GIFs and stickers in Google Slides.

Step 3: Access Google Admin Console: Now, navigate to the Google Admin Console. In the Google Admin Console, click on "Devices" followed by "Chrome." Then, select "Apps & Extensions" and click on "Users & Browsers."

Step 4: Copy the Policy: Locate the policy that you wish to apply and copy it. The policy will display in a specific format similar to the example provided below:

"BlockGIFAndSticker" : {
  "Value": true

Step 5: Save the Policy: After copying the policy, click the "Save" button to apply it.

These steps will allow you to block GIFs and stickers in Safe Doc version 1.41.0.

Student Account Verification Process in Safe Doc

1. Student Test Accounts without Safe Doc:

  • First, let's look at the scenario in student test accounts without Safe Doc.
  • A notable feature of these accounts is the ability to insert GIFs and stickers.

2. Student Test Accounts with Safe Doc:

  • Safe Doc's "BlockGIFAndSticker" policy comes to the rescue.
  • Safe Doc BlockGIFAndSticker successfully implemented this policy, which is visible in student test accounts.

Enjoy a distraction-free and secure Google Slides experience

With Safe Doc configured to block GIFs and stickers in Google Slides, you can now enjoy a distraction-free and secure experience. When users try to insert GIFs or stickers into their presentations, they will be blocked from doing so, ensuring that the focus remains on the content and the risk of security breaches is minimized. Safe Doc works seamlessly in the background, allowing users to create and collaborate on presentations without any disruptions.

Benefits of blocking GIFs and stickers in Google Slides

1. Enhanced Productivity

  • Eliminates distractions, keeping presentations focused on content.
  • Assists presenters in delivering messages more effectively.
  • Ensures audience engagement by reducing unnecessary visual elements.

2. Improved Security

  • Reduces the risk of malware and inappropriate content.
  • Prevents the insertion of potentially harmful elements.
  • Maintains a secure environment and safeguards sensitive data.


Blocking GIFs and stickers in Google Slides using Safe Doc is a valuable strategy for organizations looking to enhance productivity and security. By eliminating distractions and reducing the risk of malware or inappropriate content, organizations can create a more focused and secure environment. 

To learn more about how Safe Doc can help your organization block GIFs and stickers in Google Slides, visit our website or contact our sales team today.