Here we're are going to learn how to hide the people tab in Google Classroom.
This article is written for G Suite for Education Administrators.

Google Classroom's People tab is an open list of teacher and students profile information. This is a privacy concern as parents don't want their kids to be easily identified and contacted.

This article demonstrates how Safe Doc hides the People tab in Google Classroom. If you have yet to install Safe Doc, apply a 30 days trial.

What's changing?

The People tab displays the teacher and a list of students who enrolled this class. The students have profile photo, full name and email address displayed.

Safe Doc hides the entire People tab so students cannot see or find other classmates. Only the teacher(s) have the list.

Hide the People tab in Google Classroom
Safe Doc hides People tab in Google Classroom

How to get started

First of all, deploy Safe Doc to your students' Chromebooks and read Safe Doc Configuration.

Then add the following policy BlockClassroomPeopleInfo to your policy configuration.

"BlockClassroomPeopleInfo": {
  "Value": true

How to display the People tab again?

Set BlockClassroomPeopleInfo to false or delete this policy.

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