This article is written for G Suite for Education (GSFE) Administrators.

Google Classroom has a feature to allow students unenrolling classes by themselves. Younger students often mistakenly removed themselves from classes created by teachers. This feature awkwardly causes classroom management issues for schools.

This article demonstrate how Safe Doc prevents such students from unenrolling classes in Google Classroom. If you don't have Safe Doc yet, apply a 30 days free trial for your school.

What's changing?


In the home page of Google Classroom, each class card has a menu button menu-dots. In the drop down menu, it shows Unenroll, which allows students to self-unenroll classes without the teacher's consent.

Unenroll classes in Google Classroom as a student


Safe Doc disables this option from students' Classroom interface.

Disabled unenrolling class feature in Google Classroom for students


Assume you have deployed Safe Doc in Chromebook remotely, set the policy BlockClassroomUnenroll to true in extension policy. If you don't know how to get started with the policy, this article will help, Safe Doc Policy Configuration.

  "BlockClassroomUnenroll": {
    "Value": true

To reactivate the class unenrollment feature, set policy BlockClassroomUnenroll to false or unset the policy.

What's more?

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