In this comprehensive guide, you will explore how to block link preview in Google Chat. In today's digital classrooms, ensuring online safety in schools is a top priority. With the increasing use of collaboration tools like Google Chat in educational environments, it is crucial to protect students from potential risks associated with link previews.

The Importance of Blocking Link Previews in Google Chat for Students

As students navigate digital education, they face a constant stream of information and stimuli. The allure of link previews can be particularly enticing, tempting them to explore tangential content rather than staying on task. Link previews in Google Chat can expose students to a wide range of online threats, including:

  • Link previews can sometimes include inappropriate content, such as explicit or violent material, that can be distressing and damaging to students' mental and emotional well-being.
  • The constant presence of link previews can be a significant distraction for students, leading to decreased focus and impaired academic performance. Students may become easily distracted by the enticing content displayed in the link previews, which can disrupt their learning process.

Google Chat has emerged as a popular communication tool among students and educators. However, the default behavior of displaying link previews can compromise online safety.Link Preview in Google ChatLink Preview in Google Chat

To address this concern, xFanatical Safe Doc steps up to fulfill this need, empowering educators with greater control over the content shared within their virtual classrooms.

Introducing xFanatical Safe Doc

xFanatical Safe Doc is a specialized tool designed to enhance Google Workspace for (GWFE). It helps schools to maintain a secure and controlled digital learning environment. With Safe Doc, administrators can easily manage and restrict access to certain websites, prevent searches for explicit content, and eliminate distractions that hinder student productivity.

How Safe Doc's Block Chat Link Previews Works

xFanatical Safe Doc is a powerful tool designed specifically for Google Workspace for Education. It offers a range of features to enhance security and safety within the Google Chat environment. One such feature is the ability to block link previews, preventing students from viewing the content of potentially harmful links before clicking on them.

To address the challenge of link preview distractions, xFanatical Safe Doc offers a comprehensive solution. As a powerful tool designed specifically for educational institutions, xFanatical Safe Doc empowers administrators and teachers to take control of their students' digital environment and protect them from potential distractions.

Google Chat without blocking link previews: This image shows a Google Chat interface with link previews enabled. A message contains a link, and a preview of the linked content, including a thumbnail image and a brief description, is visible below the link. This preview can be distracting and may contain inappropriate content.Google Chat without blocking link previews

Google Chat with blocking link previews: This image shows a Google Chat interface with link previews blocked by Safe Doc. A message contains a link, but there is no preview of the linked content visible. The absence of a preview helps reduce distractions and potential exposure to harmful content.Google Chat with blocking link previews using Safe Doc

By using Safe Doc to block link preview in Google Chat, you can ensure a safer and less distracting communication environment.

How to Block Link Preview in Google Chat with xFanatical Safe Doc

Implementing blocking link preview with xFanatical Safe Doc is straightforward and easily integrates into your school's or organization's digital infrastructure. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Install Safe Doc: 

The first step is to install Safe Doc in your Google Workspace environment. Safe Doc is a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with Google Slides, providing enhanced control and security features.

Step 2: Configure Safe Doc settings: 

Once Safe Doc is installed, you can configure its settings to start blocking GIFs and stickers in Google Slides.

Step 3: Access Google Admin Console: 

Now, navigate to the Google Admin Console. In the Google Admin Console, click on Devices followed by Chrome. Then, select Apps & Extensions and click on Users & Browsers.

Step 4: Copy the Policy: 

Locate the policy that you wish to apply and copy it. The policy will display in a specific format similar to the example provided below:

"BlockChatLinkPreview": {

  "Value": true


Step 5: Save the Policy: 

After copying the policy, click the Save button to apply it.Block Link Preview in Google Chat with xFanatical Safe Doc

How to configure Safe Doc?

First of all, ensure the deployment of Safe Doc on your students' Chrome browsers, and review the xFanatical Safe Doc Configuration document.

Subsequently, incorporate the BlockChatLinkPreview policy into your Safe Doc configuration, setting its value to true.

"BlockChatLinkPreview": {
  "Value": true

Benefits of Using xFanatical Safe Doc for Blocking Link Preview

xFanatical Safe Doc's link preview blocking solution offers a range of benefits for your school or organization:

  • Improved Student Focus and Productivity: By eliminating the distraction of link previews, students can maintain their concentration and devote their attention to their studies, leading to enhanced academic performance.
  • Reduced Risk of Exposure to Inappropriate Content: With link preview blocking, you can ensure that your students are not inadvertently exposed to unsuitable or irrelevant content, promoting a safer and more secure learning environment.
  • Easy Implementation and Seamless Integration: xFanatical Safe Doc's user-friendly platform and seamless integration with Google Chat make the implementation and management of the link preview blocking solution a straightforward process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will blocking link previews impact the overall functionality of Google Chat? 
  1. No, the link preview blocking feature of xFanatical Safe Doc is designed to operate seamlessly within Google Chat, ensuring that the platform's core functionalities remain unaffected for students.
  • Can I undo the link preview blocking settings if needed?
  1. Absolutely. xFanatical Safe Doc allows users to easily toggle the link preview blocking feature add or remove, providing the flexibility to adjust the settings as per your requirements.
  • Does xFanatical Safe Doc offer any additional security features beyond link preview blocking?
  1. Yes, xFanatical Safe Doc provides a comprehensive suite of security features, including Block Google Search Games, Disable Students Using Spaces In Google Chat, and Block YouTube In Google Search, offering a holistic approach to online safety.


In this comprehensive guide, you have explored how to block link previews in Google Chat using xFanatical Safe Doc. By understanding the need for link preview blocking and following the step-by-step guide, you can enhance the security, privacy, and professionalism of your conversations. 

Embrace the power of xFanatical Safe Doc to take control of your Google Chat experience and enjoy peace of mind.

If you have yet to install Safe Doc, please get a 30 days trial.

Now, let's explore the functionality of Safe Doc.