The Make a Copy option is available in a lot of Google applications. You can find it in Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drives, Slides, and Drawings. People can use the feature to create an identical copy of any file and then share it with others. 

So, if you are using these Google Applications for your classroom, you might want to block this option to prevent students from gaining an unfair advantage. But how to block the make a copy option in Google docs? Well, let’s find out. 

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Remove Make A Copy Option From Google Applications Using Safe Doc

 Google Docs 

Google Docs is probably the best online word processor out there. It is an effective tool that helps with interactive learning. However, if students use it to copy their documents and share them with others, the whole purpose of it fails. 

You can use Safe Docs to remove the option. Once you have set the BlockDriveMakeCopy policy to true, you will see that the 'Make a Copy' option has disappeared from the Google Docs Editor.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Docs Editor.

Google Sheets 

Google Sheets is the spreadsheet program of Google Docs. You can use it to present a complex set of information in a more palatable way. You can remove the copying option from the editing panel using Safe Doc.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Sheets.

Google Slides 

An effective way to make learning fun for your students is Google Slides. But if students have the option to copy the materials, then they might not feel the necessity to participate in the class. So, you can use Safe Doc to remove the copy option.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Slides.

Google Drawing And Google Forms

Google Drawings and Google Forms are used in online/offline classrooms. As a teacher, you can convey valuable information to your students using these tools. But if students start copying the materials, it can cause a lot of chaos. So, turn the BlockDriveMakeCopy Policy to 'True' and prevent students from doing so.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Drawings.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Forms.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Drive.

Safe Docs removed the option from Google Drive.

Safe Doc configurations

You can use the BlockDriveMakeCopy policy in Safe Docs to turn off copying in different Google applications. To do this, you must set the policy's value to true. On the other hand, if you want to keep copying enabled, keep the value as it was (which is false).  See here for all the Safe Doc configurations:

"BlockDriveMakeCopy": {
  "Value": true