In this blog post, we are going to see how to disable companion mode in Google Meet of Google Workspace For Education. In this digital age, video conferencing has become an integral part of our lives. Google Meet, one of the popular platforms, offers a range of features to enhance communication and collaboration. However, some users might find the Companion Mode distracting or unnecessary.

Understanding the Companion Mode

The Companion Mode is a feature in Google Meet that allows participants to see and interact with additional content alongside the main video call. While it can be useful in certain scenarios, it can also create distractions and hamper the focus of the meeting. Let's dive into the steps to disable this mode.

Video Demonstration

Many people widely use Google Meet in remote learning. One of its features is that students can join with “Companion Mode”, which doesn’t require them to turn on their cameras or microphones. Teachers cannot easily turn this feature off.

This article explains how Safe Doc disables the join with Companion Mode feature in Google Meet. If you have yet to install Safe Doc, apply for a 30 days trial.

What's changing

Let's see why it is important to turn off companion mode in Google Meet. In the waiting room of Google Meet, there is a “Use Companion Mode” button under the “Join now” button. This feature is meant for students to have a second screen while being in the meeting but not have the infinite echo loop by not allowing the microphone and video to be turned on.

However, students can just join the meeting only with companion mode, therefore not be required to turn their cameras and microphones. This can be annoying for the teacher who may want all of their students to have their video and audio turned on. Safe Doc removes the Companion Mode button permanently for all meetings.

Disable or turn off companion mode in Google Meet | Google Workspace For Education
Safe Doc removes the 'Companion Mode' button in the waiting room of Google Meet

Who's impacted?

Students in the organizational unit where Safe Doc is enabled are restricted to present on the screen. Teachers are not restricted.

How to get started?

If you have deployed Safe Doc and read Safe Doc Configuration article, add the following policy BlockMeetCompanionMode and set the value to true to disable the Companion Mode feature on students' Chrome browsers.


So, we have seen that with Safe Doc how easy it is to Disable Companion mode in Google Meet. Teachers with this feature have more control over their online classroom. In conclusion, disabling the Companion Mode in Google Meet can help you regain control and focus during video conferences. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can customize your settings and maximize productivity in your meetings. Embrace these tips, experiment with different features, and make the most out of your Google Meet experience.

"BlockMeetCompanionMode": {
  "Value": true

On / off by default?

Restricting Companion Mode is OFF by default.

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