In this article, we will learn about how to disable creating spaces in Google Chat. In today's digital age, online communication platforms have become an integral part of educational institutions. With the increasing use of online communication tools in educational settings, it has become crucial to implement policies and measures that promote a secure and safe environment for students. xFanatical Safe Doc's BlockChatCreateSpace Policy is one such initiative that aims to enhance student safety by disabling the creation of spaces in Google Chat.

Common Challenges and Risks Associated With Google Chat Spaces

Despite its numerous advantages,  Google Chat spaces can pose several challenges and risks to student safety:

  • One common challenge is the prevalence of cyberbullying.
  • Additionally, inappropriate content, such as explicit images or hate speech, can be shared within Google Chat spaces, creating an unsafe and uncomfortable learning environment.

Introducing Safe Doc's BlockChatCreateSpace Policy

To address these challenges and ensure student safety in Google Chat spaces, Safe Doc has developed the BlockChatCreateSpace Policy. We specifically designed this policy to protect students from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and other potential risks. By implementing this policy, educational institutions can create a secure online environment that promotes positive communication and collaboration among students.

BlockChatCreateSpace  Policy Configuration

"BlockChatCreateSpace": {
  "Value": true

Understanding Safe Doc's BlockChatCreateSpace Policy

Safe Doc's BlockChatCreateSpace policy is designed to mitigate these risks by disabling the creation of spaces in Google Chat. This means that students will be unable to create separate chat rooms or spaces within the platform. Instead, all conversations and interactions will take place within designated channels or threads, ensuring greater accountability and oversight.

How to BlockChatCreateSpace Space using Safe Doc?

Install Safe Doc: Begin by installing Safe Doc on the Chrome browser. Follow the provided instructions to deploy Safe Doc to your students' Chrome browsers.

  • Configure Safe Doc: After installing Safe Doc on the browser, proceed to configure it. Now, navigate to the Google Admin Console.
  • Access Google Admin Console: In the Google Admin Console, click on "Devices" followed by "Chrome." Then, select "Apps & Extensions" and click on "Users & Browsers."
  • Select Organizational Unit (OU): Identify the Organizational Unit (OU) where you want to apply the policy. Click on the respective OU to proceed.
  • Locate Safe Doc Extension: Within the selected OU, find the installed Safe Doc extension.
  • Copy the Policy: Locate the policy that you wish to apply and copy it. The policy will display in a specific format similar to the example provided below:
"BlockChatCreateSpace": {
  "Value": true
  • Save the Policy: After copying the policy, click the "Save" button to apply it.

Following these steps will allow you to block the Chat CreateSpace policy using Safe Doc version 1.41.0.

Verification Process in Safe Doc Student Account Post Policy Application

  1. Student Test Accounts without Safe Doc:
  • Let's start by examining the scenario in student test accounts without Safe Doc.
  • One notable feature in these accounts is the option to convert a group chat into a space.

2. Student Test Accounts with Safe Doc:

  • Safe Doc's "BlockChatCreateSpace" policy comes to the rescue.
  • By implementing this policy, Safe Doc addresses the vulnerability identified in student test accounts.

Note: Safe Doc intervenes in two key ways:

  • It prevents the creation of a space through the "Create a space" option.
  • It restricts students from converting a group chat into a space, as demonstrated in the test accounts.

A significant feature of Safe Doc's policy is the ability to restrict the creation of new chat spaces. This prevents students from engaging in private conversations that may facilitate cyberbullying or the sharing of inappropriate content. By limiting the creation of chat spaces to authorized individuals, educational institutions can maintain a safe and controlled environment for students to communicate and collaborate.


In conclusion, student safety is a top priority in today's digital age. Safe Doc's BlockChatCreateSpace policy offers a valuable solution to enhance student safety by disabling the creation of spaces in Google Chat. By preventing cyberbullying, promoting accountability, and restricting inappropriate content sharing, this policy helps create a safer online environment for students to communicate and collaborate. Implementing this policy in educational institutions can have a significant impact on student well-being and ensure a secure learning environment.