With Safe Doc now you can block Google Meet raise hand. But why do we need this feature? Let’s understand the whole purpose behind it. So, for  educating the students who are not in the same location as you, you need to make use of Distance learning. It is an effective way to educate your students by creating virtual classrooms and then conducting the classes remotely. One prime example of this technology is Google Workspace for Education (GWFE). But using the whole technology is not an easy job. 

Why is that so? There are certain features that could be misused. To eliminate these drawbacks, we need a tool like Safe Doc, which helps in making changes in the features of the Google Workspace for Education (GWFE). By using Safe Doc, we can alter the use of those features, or we can completely eliminate them.

Why do you need this feature in K-12 school classroom management?

In this particular case, we will learn how to block the Google Meet Raise Hand in the GWFE with the help of Safe Doc. Safe Doc is a handy tool for K-12 school administrators, managers and teachers to manage their classrooms easily and faster.

Google Meet allows students to raise their hands when they want to speak or ask a question to the teacher. The teacher and the rest of the students get notified when a student raises a hand. However, the teachers are helpless when the students raise their hands without reason, just for mischief. 

So, this will also be distracting and annoying for the teacher and other students. Also, parents can raise their hands during virtual PTMs (parent-teacher meets). But sometimes the teacher doesn’t want to interact with parents.

There is no option to disable this feature in Google Meet. Let’s see how Safe Doc helps in this matter.

What does Safe Docs do to solve the issue?

There is a Hand raise button at the bottom bar of the Google Meet interface. Every participant can use this button. Safe Doc version 1.41.0 removes this button from Google Meet by the BlockMeetRaiseHand policy. Thus, it helps to create a noise-free and distraction-free environment for students and teachers.

How does Safe Doc help block Raise Hand in Google Meet?

You need to follow these steps to enable this feature in Google Meet-

  1. First, you require installing Safe Doc. You can do this by following the instructions – deploy safe doc to your students’ Chrome browser.
  2. Then you should configure Safe Doc.
  3. Go to Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & Browsers.
  4. Click on the Grade OU, you need to apply the policy. In our case, it is Grade 3.
  5. Then click on the extension.
  6. After that, you need to put in the BlockMeetRaiseHand policy. You need to turn on true to enable this policy. Here is the policy setup –
“BlockMeetRaiseHand”: {“Value”: true}

ON/OFF default value?


Given below is the change that is brought by the policy before and after using the policy.

How to Block Meet Raise Hand in Google Meet

Closing note

Safe Doc is a handy tool to manage your classroom in Google Workspace for Education. You can easily enable or disable different safety features in GWFE with the help of Safe Doc. Now you know how to block the raise hand option in Meet and know its purpose. Safe Doc is truly a lifesaver for online schools, it helps create a safe learning environment for teachers and students. So, if you want to explore Safe Doc, then go for the 30 days free trial.