Voice typing in Google Docs may dramatically improve the productivity in Google Docs. But it's a double-edged sword for schools because it holds back students spelling words and writing essays and it can also be exploited as a cheat tool in remote exams.

This article demonstrates how Safe Doc removes the Voice Typing feature in Google Docs and Slides. If you're yet to install Safe Doc, please first get a 30-days trial.

What're the changes?

The Voice typing feature can be found and activated in the menu Tools > Voice typing of Google Docs and the menu Tools > Voice type speaker notes of Google Slides. Those apps pops the same microphone dialog that asks the user to click to dictate.

Safe Doc removes the elements in these two Google apps. Students won't be able to notice the existence of the voice typing feature after blocking.

Disable Voice Typing in Google Docs
Safe Doc removes the Voice typing feature in Google Docs
Disable Voice Typing in Google Docs
Safe Doc removes the Voice type speaker notes feature in Google Slides

How to set up Safe Doc?

First of all, you'll need to deploy Safe Doc and understand how Safe Doc Configuration works.

Then add and set the policy BlockDocVoiceTyping to true in your Safe Doc policy configuration. This policy by default does not block the voice typing feature.

"BlockDocVoiceTyping": {
  "Value": true

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