Controlling an online class and maintaining discipline is a difficult job. One of the biggest problems is that Google Classroom has a feature that allows K-12 students to search on YouTube and insert videos into the presentations. This feature exists in Google Classroom apps like Google Forms, Classroom and Sites. So, as a teacher, how do you block YouTube in Google Search?

How does Safe Doc help block YouTube in Google Search?

Thankfully, Safe Doc is also helpful in completely blocking the YouTube video from being viewed in Google Search. When you block YouTube in Google Search, you need to use an advanced tool that does not allow any search that mentions YouTube. It should also not let the students play the preview from the Google search bar. It should also help to block any URLs in Google Search or the address bar. Then the solution for this is Safe Doc which has a Block Youtube in Google Search policy in version 1.40.0. It blocks all YouTube searches in Google and helps avoid one of the significant causes of online classroom disruption.

Safe Doc is even capable of blocking YouTube video searches in Google WorkSpace. To block the YouTube video from being viewed in search results, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Install Safedoc by following the instructions to deploy safe doc to your students’ chrome browsers. Then you need to configure Safe Doc.
  2. This Youtube video-blocking feature can be enabled by the policy BlockYoutubeInGoogleSearch. If the setting is false, you need to turn it on and set it to true.
"BlockYoutubeInGoogleSearch": {
  "Value": true
Block YouTube in Google Search

The below short video show how this policy blocks YouTube video on the Google search result page.