This article is written for Google Workspace for Education Administrators.

In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies and features within Google Classroom that can help Prevent Students from Turning In Assignment Late in Google Classroom.

In today's digital age, educators have embraced the efficiency and convenience of online platforms like Google Classroom for managing assignments. However, a persistent challenge remains - late submissions. 

Your teachers may be frustrated to score late assignments since Google Classroom provides students an option to turn in assignments late and students tend to turn in assignment very late. Teachers may prefer not having this option at all. That said, Google Classroom does not offer your teachers the option to turn off late assignments so as to reduce their burden to manage late assignments.

Students tend to turn in assignments late
Students tend to turn in assignments late

This article shows how Safe Doc disables the option for students to turn in assignments late. If you have yet to install Safe Doc, please get a 30-days trial.

What are the changes?

In the students' assignment view, students can see and click the Turn in button or Mark as done button whether they miss the due date set by the teacher. The button is displayed as Mark as done if no assignment work file is attached and displayed as Turn in if at least one assignment work file is attached.

Safe Doc disables these Turn in and Mark as done buttons if the student missed the deadline. The system disables the tooltip for students, explaining that late submissions are not allowed.

If a student does not miss the due date, or if the teacher hasn't set a due date, then the system does not disable these buttons.

Safe Doc disables the 'Turn in' button if the assignment is overdue
Safe Doc disables the 'Turn in' button if the assignment is overdue
Safe Doc disables the 'Mark as done' button if the assignment is overdue
Safe Doc disables the 'Mark as done' button if the assignment is overdue

How to set up in Safe Doc

First of all, you have deployed Safe Doc and read Safe Doc Configuration.

The policy manages the blocking of late assignment submissions.

BlockClassroomAssignmentLateSubmission. The policy is by default OFF. Add and set the policy value to true to turn on the blocking in your Safe Doc extension policy configuration.

"BlockClassroomAssignmentLateSubmission": {
  "Value": true

Note that the blocking enforcement applies to all students in an OU for which Safe Doc is installed.


By setting clear expectations, utilizing Google Classroom's features effectively, providing timely feedback, and implementing a fair late work policy, educators can significantly reduce the occurrence of late assignments.

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