This article is written for Google Workspace Administrators and Educators.

In the digital age, videos have become a powerful medium of communication and entertainment. YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing platform, has revolutionized how we consume content. One popular feature of YouTube is the ability to embed videos on websites, allowing creators and businesses to share their videos seamlessly.
YouTube videos are an excellent tool for helping your students to learn new things. However, there's some evil in it too. For instance, students can use the control button to view other contents that hold no educational value. And sometimes, they might use those buttons to share materials or cheat. Suggested videos deviate away students from learning class videos. So, how do you remove controls in YouTube embed videos? Let's find out.

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Safe Doc Manages Embed Youtube Video Controls

Safe Doc manages the Youtube video controls in a fine granularity with the BlockYoutubeEmbedPlayerFeature policy, which includes 6 blocking properties. These functions can help you to reserve control over your embedded videos. And thus, keep your students more focused on their actual studies. Before moving onto the configuration section, let's see the demonstrations.

Block Youtube Related Videos

When you embed a Youtube video, you want your students only to watch that video and not wander off to other luring suggested Youtube videos. Youtube recommends these related videos by algorithms taking information from students and your video. Sometimes, they are totally irrelevant with the video series shared by the teacher. This opens a side gate for students to the unknown wilderness, which is unsafe in the eyes of schools.

The related videos display in a couple of conditions.

  • When you pause the video, the embed video either displays an overlay of videos or a "More videos" button.
  • When the video ends, it displays a wall of related videos.
Safe Doc removes the "More videos" overlay when the video is paused
Safe Doc removes the "More videos" button when the video is paused
Safe Doc removes the More videos wall at the end of the video, turning the video into a black screen

The property BlockRelatedVideos manages to remove these related video situations. To remove these related videos, set the policy value to true.

Block YouTube Button

To keep your students focused on their education, stop them from going to Youtube in the middle of their studies. Your students need to remember that they are in a classroom, and Youtube is an educational aid at that moment.

So, use the BlockYoutubeButton property to eliminate the Youtube button in the control bar. That way, you ensure that the learners stay in their classes.

Safe Doc removes the Youtube button on the control bar

Block Youtube Copy Link Button

The educational materials in your class are essentially school property. So, you may want to prevent unsolicited sharing of those materials. To ensure that, you must turn off the copy link button in the title bar of the embedded video. The Copy link button is available when the video is embedded in the Privacy-enhanced mode.

To remove the Copy link button, set the property BlockCopyLink to true.

Safe Doc removes the Copy link button on the title bar of Youtube embedded videos

Block Youtube Context Menu

Right-clicking on a YouTube video makes the context menu appear. Plus, it allows them to practice some control over the video. The context menu includes items Account, Loop, Copy video URL, Copy video URL at current time, Copy embed code, Troubleshoot playback issue and Stats for nerds. This can be distracting for your students.

You can use the property BlockContextMenu to remove the context menu. By removing the context menu, students would no longer see the context menu given by Youtube when they right click. Instead, the browser context menu displays.

Safe Doc removes the context menu in Youtube embedded videos

Block Youtube Watch Later Button

The Watch later button allows students to add the video to their Watch later list. It's not a useful feature for the school environment. Teachers want a cleaner interface to help students stay focused in the classroom.

To remove the Watch later button on the title bar, set the property BlockWatchLater to true.

Safe Doc removes the "Watch later" button in Youtube embedded videos

Block Youtube Share Button

Like the Copy link button, the Share button also gives someone the chance to share your materials without your permission. So, you need to remove the Share button from the title bar to prevent students from distributing the materials.

You can set the property BlockShare to true to remove the Share button.

Safe Doc removes the "Share" button in Youtube embedded videos

Configure Safe Doc to Remove Youtube Controls

After installing Safe Doc, configure the BlockYoutubeEmbedPlayerFeatures policy to remove the controls. This policy has 6 properties. Each of these properties can remove one specific feature from your embedded video. Set the property value to true to block the feature in the video player. Set it to false to not block. The following policy configuration blocks Related Videos, the YouTube Button, the Copy Link button, the Context Menu, the Watch Later button and the Share button.

"BlockYoutubeEmbedPlayerFeatures": {
  "Value": {
    "BlockRelatedVideos": true,
    "BlockYoutubeButton": true,
    "BlockCopyLink": true,
    "BlockContextMenu": true,
    "BlockWatchLater": true,
    "BlockShare": true

This parent policy, BlockYoutubeEmbedPlayerFeatures is an object. It is similar to a folder within a file system. All the property values are false by default. That is, they do not block youtube features unless you turn them on.


When you remove controls in embed YouTube videos, you make them more suitable as classroom content. On the other hand, not removing these controls makes the classrooms more relaxing for the students. Because they know these materials are available for them even without attending the class properly.

So, get Safe Doc today to make your online classrooms safer and more education friendly.