This article is written for Google Workspace for Education administrators.

Learning language plays a significant role for k-12 students. Google Docs integrated a handy Dictionary feature where words can be looked up on the fly. However, some admins worry that students may easily pick up vulgar words such as the F word, especially when the dictionary suggests students offensive synonyms. Instead, they prefer a child-friendly dictionary to the built-in unfiltered dictionary in Docs.

In another example, some admins want to disable the dictionary for the exams, since Dictionary indeed provides informative technical details that ruins the quiz question per se. Take a Physics question "explain what Momentum is" as example. The dictionary already gives the hint "the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity." if the feature is available.

The dictionary feature in Docs allows students to learn vulgar languages

This article is to show you how Safe Doc can disable the dictionary feature in Docs, Slides and Drawings. If you have yet to install Safe Doc for your school, please get a 30 days trial.

How Safe Doc blocks the dictionary feature?

3 Google apps include the dictionary, Docs, Slides and Drawings. The feature is located in similar menu items. Note not to confuse with the personal dictionary in the spell check which doesn't query new words and is safe to have.

The dictionary feature can be triggered in 2 ways,

  • Select the word, right clicking and selecting Define "xxxx"
  • Click menu Tools > Dictionary.

Safe Doc removes these menu entries so students won't discover the feature. Take a look the subtle user interface changes. As you may also notice that the Explore "xxxx" menu is gone, yes, the Explore feature is another "risky" feature for students. You can learn how to disable the Explore feature.

Safe Doc disables the dictionary feature from a context menu in Docs
Safe Doc disables the Dictionary feature from the menu bar in Slides
Safe Doc disables the Dictionary feature from the menu bar in Slides
Safe Doc disables the Dictionary feature from a context menu in Drawings
Safe Doc disables the Dictionary feature from the menu bar in Slides

How to configure Safe Doc?

First of all, make sure you have deployed Safe Doc and read Safe Doc Configuration.

The blocking dictionary feature is managed by policy EnableDictionary. To enforce blocking, please either remove the policy from your JSON policy configuration or explicitly set its value to false. To stop the blocking, explicitly set its value to true.

"EnableDictionary": {
  "Value": false

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