This article is written for Google Workspace for Education Administrators.

Do you find an issue of annoying students keep posting chat messages in Google Meet that interrupted online classes? Yes, teachers wanted to disable Google Meet's Chat feature since it seems more harmful than good in remote learning.

This article demonstrates how Safe Doc chrome extension individually disable the Chat feature of students to keep the class quiet. If you have yet to install Safe Doc, apply a 30 days trial.

What's changed by Safe Doc

The chat feature resides in the right panel of Google Meet. Every participant in the room is free to chat without restrictions by default. Teachers will need to use the Host control to turn off chat capabilities on the students' ends. Messages sent are visible to all. Safe Doc removes the Chat bar, so impacted students cannot find and use the Chat feature.

Disable Chat in Google Meet
Safe Doc removes the Chat feature for individual students on-demand

How to get started

First of all, make sure you have deployed Safe Doc and read how to Configure Safe Doc.

Ask your teachers to use the magic /chatoff <student email> command in the chat window to disable the given student's chat feature for the lecture session. Take a look at the following example.

  1. (The chatty student Shawn Anderson): types tons of chat messages disrupting the classroom.
  2. (The teacher): finds the email of disruptive student.
  3. (The teacher): opens the chat window and types
    /chatoff [email protected]
  4. (The student Shawn Anderson): my chat bar is confiscated!
  5. The classroom returns to silence and focus.
Safe Doc's /chatoff command allows teachers to block individual student's chatting in Google Meet. The left side window is the student's Meet interface and the right side window is the teacher's.

The /chatoff command is managed by the Safe Doc policy EnableMeetChatOffCommand. If the policy is not set or false, the /chatoff command is not enabled. If the policy is set to true, the /chatoff command is enabled. Here is the policy setup.

"EnableMeetChatOffCommand": {
  "Value": true

Caveat: students are also able to initiate the /chatoff command which disables the chat feature of other students.