If you don't know what Safe Doc is, please refer to this introduction article.

Safe Doc has two plans, a permanently free plan to personal @gmail.com accounts and a paid plan for school domains. The complexity of installation varies.

Install Safe Doc in an @gmail account

I could tell you how simple it is. Just like installing most of chrome extensions, you do

  1. Ensure your @gmail account is signed in Chrome and have the cloud sync turned on. Need help on this? visit Google help document.
  2. Visit Safe Doc's Chrome web store page, and click Add to Chrome to add this extension.
    Safe Doc's Chrome web store page
  3. If the installation is successful, you will see a GREEN umbrella icon on the Chrome toolbar. If the umbrella is GREY, it's not functioning properly. Try uninstall and start over.
    Safe Doc Icon in Chrome Toolbar
  4. There will a guide page popped after you installed the extension, and you may start experience Safe Doc in a new doc. Note not every declared feature in Safe Doc is available to @gmail accounts.

Install Safe Doc in Schools

If you're a school IT admin, this applies to you. Take these steps to get started

  1. Apply a 30 days trial license.
  2. The trial license will be emailed to you.
  3. Deploy Safe Doc to a test user in a test Organization Unit (OU). The trial license will be used in the deployment.
  4. Verify the features are activated as you expected.
  5. When you configured Safe Doc correctly, repeat step 3 on your students' OU.
  6. Verify you students' Chrome browsers received the extension and function well.


Please email support@xfanatical.com.