This article is written for Google Workspace for Education Administrators.

Safe Doc supports the following environments.



  • Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite for Education).
  • Managed Chrome browser.
    If you have managed Chromebooks, the students' Chrome browsers are automatically managed. If your students' Chrome browsers are running Windows or Mac OS, their Chrome browsers should be manageable by your school. Learn more about Managing Chrome Browser.
    To check if your students' Chrome browsers are managed, go to chrome://management in the student's Chrome browser, and check whether you can see the following message.
    Chrome browser managed
  • Internet access.


Your students' language settings should be one of the following languages. To request a new language, please contact us.

  • US English
  • UK English

Unsupported environments

Firefox, Chrome for iOS, Chrome for Android, Safari, Internet Explorer, Other languages etc.

Safe Doc does not support Managed Guest Session, which does not require students to sign in Chrome devices.