In this brief post, I am going to highlight some important backdoors for students in Google Workspace For Education, which gives the possibility for students to cheat.

These function are very beneficial to teachers and school administrations who work with Google Workspace. I personally have been using Google Workspace for 5 years; it is an absolute time saver for team collaboration. However, everything has flaws, including big platforms like Google and Amazon. For example, sometimes the user doesn't want the unnecessary functions that Google provides. In 2019, some schools using GWFE noticed that students use the extra features to do inappropriate things or even cheating in school. The ways listed below are how they do it and how to prevent them from doing it.

  1. How disable explore tool in Google Docs and Slides
  2. Block Image Searching in Google Docs Editors
  3. Block YouTube Video Search in Google Workspace (Slides, Forms, Hangouts, Classroom and Sites)
  4. How to Disable Dictionary in Google Docs?
  5. Remove Inappropriate Emojis in Gmail, Chat, and Docs
  6. Disable Link Preview Feature in Docs, Slides and Drawings
  7. Block Google Search Games
  8. Block Google Drive Sharing Files
  9. Block Stickers in Hangouts
  10. Block Live Captions in Google Meet
  11. Change Chrome New Tab URL
  12. Disable Students Recording Meeting in Google Meet
  13. Prevent Students from Adding People to Google Meet
  14. Disable Chat in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings
  15. Disable Comment in Google Docs Editors
  16. Disable Chat in Google Meet
  17. Prevent Students from Publishing Google Docs to Web
  18. Hide the People tab in Google Classroom
  19. Block Email as Attachment in Google Docs
  20. Prevent Students from Sending Feedback in G Suite
  21. Disable Inserting Image By URL in Docs Editors
  22. Remove Default Templates in Google Docs
  23. Stop Students Sending Google Forms
  24. Remove Inappropriate Functions in Google Sheets
  25. Disable Joining by Phone in Google Meet
  26. Disable Spell Check in Google Docs
  27. Hide Participants in Google Meet
  28. Disable Changing Background in Google Meet
  29. Disable Emailing Collaborators in Docs Editors
  30. Disable Students Unsubmitting & Resubmitting Assignments in Google Classroom
  31. Block Students Joining Old Unsupervised Google Meetings
  32. Disable Voice Typing in Google Docs
  33. Disable Translating Document in Google Docs
  34. Prevent Students from Opening Too Many Chrome Tabs
  35. Force Mute Talkative Students in Google Meet
  36. Disable Student Camera in Google Meet
  37. Prevent Students from Turning In Assignments Late in Google Classroom
  38. Disable Students Turning in Empty Assignments in Google Classroom
  39. Prevent Students from Blocking Teachers in Google Chat
  40. Disable students using Spaces in Google Chat
  41. Disable the Companion Mode in Google Meet

So, I hope this short blog post will give much idea about those backdoors for students in Google Workspace For Education. And you can use them to find out more. We’re being a google cloud partner and have fixed them up for many schools with of Safe Doc Chrome extension.