This article is written for Google Workspace for Education Administrators.

The method of this article is outdated. Google is shutting down the Hangouts cloud service and promoting to use Chat. Safe Doc no longer supports the feature.

In this article we're going to discuss a feature of Safe Doc that can be used to Block inappropriate stickers in Google hangouts of Google Workspace for Education.

Animated stickers are very popular on the web and many chat applications. In school, students really like stickers for expressing emotions in Hangouts every day. Having that said, certain stickers are overused inappropriately in offensive manner, such as poop.

This article demonstrates how Safe Doc helps you block certain stickers. If you have yet to install Safe Doc for your school, get a 30 days trial license.

Configure Safe Doc

Given that you have deployed Safe Doc in your organization unit.

  1. First find the sticker names in the Appendix for the stickers you want to block.
  2. Open your extension policy editor for Safe Doc.
  3. Add the following policy BlockStickers. It's a list of blacklisted sticker names. The example below blocks the Poop sticker and LMAO sticker.
"BlockStickers": {
  "Value": [

More information about Safe Doc configuration can be found in Safe Doc Configuration.


Once you configured Safe Doc correctly, your students won't see those stickers in Hangouts or Gmail apps of their Chrome browsers.

Safe Doc removes inappropriate stickers in Hangouts
Safe Doc removes inappropriate stickers in Hangouts

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Do you know Safe Doc can also remove certain emojis, like the middle finger emoji? Check out this article, Remove Inappropriate Emojis in Gmail, Chat, and Docs.

Appendix: Sticker Names

This long table helps you find the sticker name to block. The list is incomplete since Hangouts have hundreds of stickers and most of them are harmless. If you don't find the sticker, please leave a comment below or contact us.

Sticker Name
01.HaloGuy_960x663 HaloGuy
02.DoubleHighFive_960x663 DoubleHighFive
03.HappyCrying_960x663 HappyCrying
04.HappyBlushing_960x663 HappyBlushing
05.SleepyZZZ_960x663 SleepyZZZ
06.Confused_960x663 Confused
07.OMGTerrified_960x663 OMGTerrified
08.OhNo_960x663 OhNo
09.HeartEyed_960x663 HeartEyed
10.Sunglasses_960x663 Sunglasses
11.Praying_960x663 Praying
12.MumsTheWord_960x663 MumsTheWord
13.CatHeart_960x663 CatHeart
14.CatHappy_960x663 CatHappy
16.Princess_960x663 Princess
17.Ghost_960x663 Ghost
18.SparklingHeart_960x663 SparklingHeart
21.ThumpingHeart_640x442 ThumpingHeart
29.Cake_640x442 Cake
angry_image angry_image
winter_image winter_image
crying_image crying_image
frustrated_image frustrated_image
worried_image worried_image
happy_image happy_image
joy_image joy_image
kiss_image kiss_image
lol_image lol_image
meh_image meh_image
sad_image sad_image
scared_image scared_image
sick_image sick_image
silly_image silly_image
smirk_image smirk_image
wink_image wink_image
15.Poop_960x663 Poop
28.Celebration_640x442 Celebration
23.FlexedArm_640x442 FlexedArm
24.Cheers_640x442 Cheers
30.Music_640x442 Music
20.Thumbsdown_960x663 Thumbsdown
19.ThumbsUp_960x663 ThumbsUp
22.FistBump_640x442 FistBump
25.Waving_640x442 Waving
26.Okay_640x442 Okay
27.Peace_640x442 Peace
Yay! Group
Callouts_Internet_BFF Callouts_Internet_BFF
Callouts_Internet_BRB Callouts_Internet_BRB
Callouts_Internet_FTW Callouts_Internet_FTW
Callouts_Internet_GR8 Callouts_Internet_GR8
Callouts_Internet_ASAP Callouts_Internet_ASAP
Callouts_Internet_LMAO Callouts_Internet_LMAO
Callouts_Internet_LOL Callouts_Internet_LOL
Callouts_Internet_Meh Callouts_Internet_Meh
Callouts_Internet_NomNomNom Callouts_Internet_NomNomNom
Callouts_Internet_OMG Callouts_Internet_OMG
Callouts_Internet_RAD Callouts_Internet_RAD
Callouts_Internet_SeeULater Callouts_Internet_SeeULater
Callouts_Internet_Sup Callouts_Internet_Sup
Callouts_Internet_TTYL Callouts_Internet_TTYL
Callouts_Internet_Yay Callouts_Internet_Yay
Yum! Group
Callouts_Positive_Awesome Callouts_Positive_Awesome
Callouts_Positive_Bye Callouts_Positive_Bye
Callouts_Positive_CallMe Callouts_Positive_CallMe
Callouts_Positive_Coffee Callouts_Positive_Coffee
Callouts_Positive_Congrats Callouts_Positive_Congrats
Callouts_Positive_Cool Callouts_Positive_Cool
Callouts_Positive_EPIC Callouts_Positive_EPIC
Callouts_Positive_HaHaHa Callouts_Positive_HaHaHa
Callouts_Positive_Hi Callouts_Positive_Hi
Callouts_Positive_Hmmm Callouts_Positive_Hmmm
Callouts_Positive_Hot Callouts_Positive_Hot
Callouts_Positive_LoveU Callouts_Positive_LoveU
Callouts_Positive_Thanks Callouts_Positive_Thanks
Callouts_Positive_WOW Callouts_Positive_WOW
Callouts_Positive_XOXOXO Callouts_Positive_XOXOXO
Callouts_Positive_Yum Callouts_Positive_Yum