This tutorial is one of Safe Doc customer portal tutorial series, made by xFanatical. 

It's not uncommon to forget when the license is due for a renewal some time after purchasing the license. Finding the original license email in your overflowing inbox is like finding the needle in the haystack. No worries. The Safe Doc customer portal has your back. 

Follow the instructions below to view your trial license and annual license.

  1. Sign into Safe Doc Customer Portal.
  2. Click on the Dashboard section.
  3. Under Licenses, find Annual License if you have purchased one or find Trial License otherwise.
  4. The license pane displays the following information.
    • Your plan: either School Plan or School Plus Plan
    • The license key
    • The licensed student email domain
    • Whether the license is Active or Expired
    • A progress bar showing the number of lapsed days since the last purchase or renewal and the remaining days till expiration 
    • The expiration date
    • The date when the license was last issued or renewed
    • Next billing date if you have subscribed to license auto renewal
  5. See an active license example
    Safe Doc active license example
  6. See an expired license example
    Safe Doc expired license example