This tutorial is one of Safe Doc customer portal tutorial series, made by xFanatical.

Leaving the Safe Doc Customer Portal means you're exiting or moving away from Safe Doc's online platform where you access your account and use its features.

If you leave the Safe Doc Customer Portal, you will no longer be able to access the account management tools, payment, and features.

Your Safe Doc account must have more than one member before you can leave the account.

To leave your account, follow these steps on the Safe Doc customer portal:

  1. Sign into Safe Doc Customer Portal.
  2. Click Account.
    Click Account
  3. Go to the Leave Account section.
  4. Check the I confirm to leave the account box to confirm your intention to leave the account.
  5. Click Leave Account.
    Click Leave Account
  6. If you're the Super Admin, you need to transfer your Super Admin role to another member and click Proceed.
    click Proceed
  7. You're signed out.

These steps will assist you in leaving your Safe Doc account. When you leave the account, you will lose access to all account-related features, data, and services. 

Be sure to consider the consequences before taking any action.