Steps to unsubscribe

If you do not want to auto renew your Foresight subscription, follow these instructions to unsubscribe. The subscription will be canceled at the end of the billing cycle.

  1. Sign into Foresight.
  2. Go to Settings > Billing.
  3. In the Subscription Plan section, click Unsubscribe.
  4. If you have a scheduled subscription update, you will be prompted with a warning dialog to delete the schedule first.
  5. In the popped dialog, confirm the change and click Unsubscribe.
  6. After the page is refreshed, you can see the Unsubscribed label next to your subscription plan.
Unsubscribe Foresight
Unsubscribe Foresight

Steps to re-subscribe

You can undo unsubscribing by click the Resubscribe button in the Foresight Settings > Billing page.

Resubscribe (undo unsubscribing) Foresight
Resubscribe (undo unsubscribing) Foresight

180 days data retention

After your subscription is canceled, your Foresight account remains open for 180 days. You cannot create or enable rules in the period. Foresight does not automate your rules. You can resubscribe a Professional plan before the end of data retention. If the 180 days data retention period is passed, your Foresight account is closed and the data is permanently removed.

xfanatical foresight account closing in 180 days
Foresight account will close in 180 days if unsubscribed