This article answers all common questions about Foresight billing. If necessary, navigate the article with the table of content in the sidebar.

Where can I find pricing information?

The pricing and feature comparison information of Foresight can be found in Foresight Pricing page.

Where can I find my previous invoices?

Your past invoices can be found in Settings > Billing > Billing History. At the end of each billing row, there is an INVOICE link. The invoices can be downloaded as PDF files.

What counts towards my action quota?

Successful actions or failed actions are counted towards your monthly action quota. In your Logs page, the Used Actions counted to your action quota. Used Actions = Successful Actions + Failed Actions.

Skipped actions and triggers do not count.

It's the beginning of month, why my action quota does not reset?

The billing cycle is using the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Depending on your local timezone, your real billing cycle may be a hours ahead or behind the UTC. You action quota will be reset accordingly.

Why was my credit card declined?

When your credit card was declined, Foresight usually prompts error information for you to identify the reason. The common reason is a typo.

If your credit card failed to automatically renew your Foresight subscription, the credit card associated may have expired.

If you continue receiving card declined errors, we recommend contacting your credit card issuer.

I have exhausted my action quota, what now?

Once your capped out the current month's action quota, any rules intending to automate new tasks would be disabled.

To avoid interrupting your existing automation service, we recommend to upgrade your subscription with higher action quota for the rest of month in Settings > Billing. You will pay for a prorated charge for upgrading the subscription for the month.

What would happen if I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

If you upgrade a subscription, you will be immediately charged once at a prorated price, which is the price difference of two plans. Your action quota will align with the new plan after the page refresh and ready to use. The Lite plan is equivalent to $1.5 if you upgrade from it. An invoice can be found in the Billing History.

If you downgrade a subscription, the unused action quota is lost and will not be converted into credits. An invoice with 0 charge is created in the Billing History.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Downgrade your subscription to the Lite plan. Note the downgrading operation is immediate.

Do I receive emails for my payments?

Yes. You will receive an receipt by email for each invoice payment.